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  1.  no good for hd video


    pny are usually REALLY good, but with this in my panasonic tz7, when recording the camera says "cannot continue recording due to limitation of writing speed of card".
    The sandisk extreme cards however, have no such problem and are much quicker when scrolling through pics.

  2.  absolute class from the best in the business


    Came across this scorcher in someone elese collection, oh my god, trance fans you will love this cd, better than any mix ive heard them do. It really is a good mix up and seems to cover many forms of trance including euphoric trance (obviously), power trance, tech trance, electrick trance and some housy trance too.

    Go for it, you wont be dissapointed, the dvd is also very good, longer than id expected

    Turn it up loud!!

  3.  Tomb Raider Nostalgia fest - an old classic reborn


    if you played and enjoyed the origianl, this will be a complete nostalgia fest. from the first scen where the guy gets owned by wolves, or turning to lara gold by trying to figure out what to do with midas hand!!

    all the levels have been made from the original tomb raider which is great, puzzels are the best ive played in a recent tomb raider, but the storyline was better in LEgend, and the graphics and moves were better in underworld.

    if uve not played it yet then id suggest playing legend 1st, as its only a fiver. but dont expect the same thing here, anniversarey lacks the action that legend and underworld offer.

  4.  Another EA scam. Rushed product, missing modes, Full Price!!


    no xbox live play?!?! absolutely diabolical.
    i can understand what people are saying about people leaving, but that really is no reason to leave out how great that could be with people that DONT leave, like say, your friends, which is how its been played since it was made.
    They had a chance to do something new, and something that people had told them they wanted, and EA were oblivious.

    there are lots of games on xbox arcade that have shown ways to get around this 'early leavers' as well, all of which ea have failed to spend the time looking into. Besides, even if they had just included the live feauture and it was a flop for many who couldnt play with friends, you wouldnt HAVE to play online. Great games always havve varying different features for different poeple.

    this is just yet another scam by ea, ripping people off with a cheap, rushed out product, charged at full price.

    its upsetting to know they now must own the rights to any future monopoly games, i was really looking forward to this.

  5.  one word - EPIC. EXTREMELY Underated game of 2008


    I found this game to be very good despite the reviews. my advice to you is if youve been looking at it, try it... but give it more than an hour or so as it does take a while to get into it,

    once youve got past the slow jogging speed, theres plenty of fun to be had here...
    fighting in and amongst 400 warriors on am epic melee war, looking for your next target in the bedlam of war, cutting off 1st his head, then both his arms, then dicing the next guy in half and eventaully carving a path through to the enemy giants... one word... EPIC.

    just try it. the reason ive given this 5 stars is purely because this game has been so underated, its not by any means the perfect game, but theres a lot for other developers to learn from this game.

  6.  Codemasters have done it again


    Not many games nowadays seem to get better as the series go on, but codemasters have made a near perfect rally game here. As always, psychics engine is spot on, on almost all the car types.

    If your into rally or racing, buy it. NOW. Then get on a track, hit a fence, get it caught in your wheel arch, drive around the bunch of tyres you accidently knocked into the road on your last lap, listen to your front bumper fly over your head after you drive staright through things other rally games would bump you out on, like wooden fences, small trees tyre walls etc.

    In comparison to forza and project gotham 3 and 4, i can safely say that the graphics are FAR superior due to anti-aliasing (or edge smoothing). It looks simply stunning in HD. The game id choose to show of the 360's power.

    Also relatively easy achievements and ace multiplayer play make this an ace game to have in the collection.

    BUY IT!!