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  1.  Highly Overrated and Repetitive.


    because it is a Rockstar game, this game has lots of hype and good reviews, dont be fooled, this game is highly repetitive, other than the good facial animations and good music, this game has nothing going for it.

    Story, missions, everything else just fails to impress, I cant stress how much repetitive this game is.

    You've been warned.

  2.  Korea does it again


    for the past decade, Korea, in my opinion has surpassed Hollywood, with movies like Oldboy, The Chaser, Bakjwi (Thirst), Memories of Murder, Mother, etc

    Now, I Saw The Devil, is another Korean movie about a serial killer, who kills a woman, and the husband is out for revenge, that's just the little synopsis, I don't want to give too much away. From the beginning to the end, you are on the edge of your seat, full of twists, suspension, heartache.

    Seriously, everyone needs to watch this movie.

  3.  Terrible Game Dont Fall For The Hype


    Story mode was so short, it finished before it started, took roughly under 4 hours to complete. Graphics suck, look outdated, I liked what they tried to do with the multiplayer, great idea but poor execution and implementation.

  4.  The Definitive First Person Shooter


    I dont usually write reviews, but this is an exception.
    Killzone 2 is an amazing FPS, once you get the hang of it. I totally understand why some people will dislike this game, first of all, the controls, mechanics, gameplay, etc are definitely not 'friendly', unlike other FPS, Killzone 2 controls require some time to get used to.
    When I started the game online, I hated the game with a passion, I was getting killed easily, aiming was really difficult, everything about the game put me off.
    After a while, I understood the controls, mechanics, aiming, etc I started to appreciate the game more, right now, I cant go back to CoD 4/5. Those games have no 'weight', after playing Killzone 2, other shooters just feels wrong.
    To all those who dont like the game for whatever reason, all I can say is, give it time, just keep playing and you'll eventually 'grasp' it.
    P.S. The graphics are second to none.

  5.  Best 32' TV


    I got this TV direct from Sony on 18 Jan 2008, a bit more expensive than what PLAY.COM is offering. I've been researching on what 32' TV to buy and it came down to the Panasonic LXD700 or Sony 32D3000(this TV), but being a Sony fan, I decided go for this one, and I'm glad I did.

    First things first, the picture quality on this TV is amazing, you clearly see where the extra money went, I then connected my PS3 to it, and to my surprise, this TV displayed it in 1080p, that's right 1080p. played Casino Royale on Blu-ray via my PS3, and it was just awesome, 1080/24p, it looks so beautiful, hell, even freeview TV looks so crisp, smooth and clear.

    I am so glad that I bought this TV, at first I was going to get one of those shiny plastic black Samsung TV everyone is buying, but I'm so glad I did not.

    Conclusion - No doubt about that, this TV is a lot more pricey compared to other 32' TVs, but you can clearly see where the extra money is, from the build of the TV, to the picture quality, to the remote control, to the menu/options on the screen, everything about the TV is perfect, if you have the money, do not compromise, buy this TV.

  6.  Wired or Wireless?


    I want to buy this surround sound system for my PS3, but one thing I would like to know, are the speakers wired or wireless?


  7.  Best Next Gen Action Game Available.


    Like it says on the back of the box: "The reason you bought a PS3" and that phrase could not be truer. (at least im my case)
    The original Devil May Cry on PS2 and Ninja Gaiden on Xbox revolutionized the action adventure genre. The original was great, then Black was even better, and now with Sigma it has reached perfection. I still have the other two but I doubt I will be going back to them since the PS3 is by far the best (granted the others were on last gen hardware). If you have never played the xbox versions and own a PS3, you NEED to own this game. Once your reflexes get up to par, the game plays extraordinarily well, the fluent mechanics of the fighting system are unmatched by any other game. The revamped graphics and level design make this iteration an improvement over the last, and with the core action packed battles still intact, the addition of new weapons, characters, and quick item menus make this game a must have for any Gaiden fan.

    Just to sum up my feelings for this game: This is one of the reasons I bought a PlayStation 3.