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  1.  Great disks


    I have gone through about 200 of these with no problems and have used a few packs of the type before this that had the green writing on. No problems burning or any coasters although I only burn at 8x. Used on two different PC's with different drives and on occasion in my laptop. No problems and very affordable.

    I recommend these for data backup.

  2.  Awesome to the power of 10!


    I didn't like Blood Mountain very much and in fact it kind of sullied my opinion of Mastodon after becoming a big fan of them upon hearing the "LIfe Is Blood" EP and buying everything since but I have to say this album is their best album ever and I have been listening to it over and over, not getting fed up of it and I can't remember a time when I have done that.

    I would heartily recommend it as musically the sound washes over and at the same time draws from within you. It's a fantastic sound for Mastodon with the vocals being slightly stylised but infinitely listen-able.

    Buy this! I still haven't gotten around to watching the DVD.....

  3.  Does what it's meant to


    Has about the same read/write speed as the Sandisk Class 4 cards of the same size. I have used mine for about a month and it's fine, no problems.

    I have this is a NDS flash cart reading homebrew and other applications so it gets constantly accessed with everything running from the card. I haven't noticed any difference from switching from my Sandisk card, the only thing that is different is the price! But that's just fine with me. :)

  4.  Great!


    I bought two sticks of this to upgrade my flagging system from the 4 sticks of PC3200 512mb totalling 2GB to a new total of 3GB of ram, fantastic improvement!

    The memory seems to be much better than the kingston value ram that it replaced and was recognised from the moment I turned the PC back on. I didn't want to have to replace my P4 3Ghz old friend and this has given him a new lease of life. Fantastic.

  5.  Bargain!


    I bought one of these last July to go in a Nintendo DS flash cart. It's a fantastic buy for what it is, you get an 8GB memory card and a small plastic USB adapter for it which when used with the card make this into the smallest, lightest thumb drive around. I paid £18 for this then and it was a bargain then, the card has decent read/write speeds and if your using it casually in normal electronics then it will be fine for you speed-wise.

    With the amount of adapters you can now buy for micro SD cards now you would be stupid not to just stick to this medium, I currently own adapters for SD, mini SD and MS pro duo so can use Micro SD cards in all of my electronics. Buy this and get a cheap micro SD that comes with mini SD and SD adapters and you'll be covered whatever your needs are!! :)

  6.  Perfect


    I bought a pack of these last time I needed discs as I had been looking at the site I usually buy from and they had mysteriously gotten rid of the discs I had been using (Gigatain 8x DVD+R) and I didn't want to take a chance on getting cheap discs and finding them to be duff. Tacking on £6 shipping to a couple of hundred discs ups the price per disc quite a bit so I always try to order a good amount to last. So finding 100 of these discs delivered for £15 was perfect.

    I have to say they are great, haven't had a coaster yet and I'm on my second pack. They are good quality and clean, the threaded carry pack is a bit crap but I have tons of old spindles and just transfer them when I open the pack so it's not a problem for me.

    The light coloured top makes it so much easier to write on when labelling and is a pretty good matt surface unlike some discs I have used. If you want to get some good quality, reasonably priced discs then buy these, perfect for backing up data and burning DVD movies.

  7.  Okay


    Not a fantastic game and could have been a lot better but fine for a MK game. Nothing really innovative and the gore has been tamed down past the point of enjoyable I think but I was expecting that with Warner (DC) involved.

    In response to the reviewer "studlyswede", why were you expecting bigger names such as the Hulk, Wolverine and others that you listed? I only ask as this game is MK vs DC, that means it is characters from the Mortal Kombat Universe and from the DC comics universe, not Marvel comics which most of the other characters you listed were from. If anyone is expecting characters from different companies in this game then I'm afraid you're always going to be disappointed.

    If you like beatemups then there are better games out there, you only have to look. It's fun to play with and against the DC characters but the novelty will wear off quickly. Rent it and decide for yourself.

  8.  Gripping


    A fantastic little surprise of a film. Because it had Mr. Timberlake in it I gave this film a miss when it first came out but a friend lent it to me recently and I have to admit I was wrong to discount it. The acting from all concerned is great and shows the differing characters and how they interact amazingly well. The plot is a little jumpy here and there but that is because the pace of the film is constantly changing with the conflicting moods of the characters as the scenes swap from person to person. It kept me glued to the the TV and interested to see what would happen next.

    A great film. Watch it if you're interested in a film filled with morality and the decisions that people make when they are scared.

  9.  Welcome Return!


    This is a Movie length episode for everyone's benefit. To mark the return of Futurama to the small, tv sized screen that it should never have been removed from. The plot is a little stretched over the hour and a half run time with the laughs less frequent than in the normal episodes but this because the film actually has a proper storyline as a movie should.

    The animation is the same as is on the episodes as are the voices et al with the film heralding the return of the regular series and cast, similar to Family Guy when it returned and "Stewie Griffin - The Untold Story" was released.

    Buy it, watch it and await the return of another great animated show!!!

  10.  Tries to hard.


    I loved Shaun of the dead and Hot Fuzz but this film kind of left me a bit empty. It seems to want to bridge the gap between British comedy and American rom-com but just plain falls short of the finish line. Some parts of it are funny but there are just others where it tries to be a serious romantic comedy and they just in conflict throughout the film. Maybe if Simon Peggs character was a little more pathetic in the film and had to make an even greater dramatic improvement throughout the film it would have worked, as it was though it just came across as "ordinary".

    Enjoyable but forgettable.