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  1.  No improvement


    Damn, I was excited about this game!
    I even put aside the woeful Drake's series, imagining that Naughty Dog would finally make good on their undoubted potential. But, this is no step forward. The story is basic, the sense of involvement as limited as the Drake titles.
    Again, from this publisher, its not much more than a glorified movie with not enough involvement or decision making from the player.
    There is surely a fabulous game to come from Naughty Dog at some point (they have the graphics and world building thing sorted) but this isn't it.
    In summary, best of to avoid this, it just doesn't make good on its promise.

  2.  Reality check


    Ok, time for a realistic review of this movie.
    You may be drawn to this having seen excellent comic book adaptions from characters in either the Marvel or DC universes.
    Or perhaps you rightly think that Ryan Reynolds is an excellent actor.
    Either way, you will be left disappointed.
    This is an awful movie. From script to characterisation it suffers at every turn. Honestly, I can't think of anything positive to say.
    Please, avoid this like the plague.

  3.  The greatest movie of all time.


    The single best movie ever made. An astonishingly accomplished film, outstanding in every way. Has never been bettered. The greatest film, the greatest blockbuster. Just buy it.

  4.  Still the tops.


    Great demo.
    Plays really well, an improvement on last years amazing version even.
    Leaves its competitor (if you can call it that) trailing.
    Konami keep on making this better and better.

    The simple truth is that if you know football, you play pro-evo.

  5.  Useless


    Bought it.
    Played it.
    It sucks.
    No improvement over FIFA's usual shocking playability.
    Wish I'd never bothered.
    I hope nobody else falls for the glitzy graphics and whizzy looks. There's just no gameplay.

  6.  Shame


    Its just not as good as it should be.
    The game is a marketing dream! The endless grinding to get the next item or skill level in cooking..
    Impossibly dull and unrewarding.
    There are a dozen better online games out there, but none that are so slickly and cynically marketed.
    Avoid this, save your soul.

  7.  City of Heroes


    Quite simply the best MMO (massively multiplayer Online) game out there.
    The character creation is head and shoulders above anything else with well over a million costume combinations to choose from at the outset.
    A consistant, believable and engrossing world environment.
    If you've played and grown bored with WoW and the like (and to be fair, who wouldn't) give this a try.. it really is a gem!
    See you in the City.