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  1. DiRT 3

    DiRT 3

    Xbox 360

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     Not as good as it could have been.


    I'm not the biggest fan of Dirt 3 to say the least.I used to love this series on PS2 and PC,but now the series has become far too americanised.The commentators are more like skater dudes,who are saying awesome and that was a sick jump.The handling on this one has gone a step backwards which is a shame,as Dirt 2 seemed to be a bit better to.Also what is with the length of the Rally stages they are tiny,and run aboout what 2 minutes long which is a joke to me.Now that the Colin Mcrae name is gone i can see this series going downhill and fast.I just want a proper rally sim,not an arcade style racer.Codies have done a great job with F1 2010, and it's a good simulation of F1,but with the Dirt series i feel they are going backwards.Also i can't stand the Gymkhana events,which are clearly there due to Ken Block.If you want a serious rally sim i'd avoid this.It's an o.k game,but it's not the kind of rallying experience i was expecting i'm afraid.This game should be called Ken Blocks Dirt.Sorry codemasters but this latest version is a big step back for me!

  2.  Bit of a letdown and overhyped!


    The graphics to this game are good,but thats where it ends for me.No real customization of cars,and the way the cars handle is terrible ie the turning feels awul and theres too much drifting.I`m a fan of this series and driving games in general,but this game has to be one of the biggest disappointments of the year.And wheres the storyline,it just feels like theres too many changes to this version especially the gameplay which for me is where this game fails the most.Buy Forza,Midnight club or PGR in my opinion because at least the cars handle much better in those games.

  3.  Finally Konami make a good next gen PES


    Well after years of waiting for a good next gen PES konami finally deliver a great footie experience.Over recent years Fifa has stole the show,but now Konami have finally got their act together.The new passing system works well and after a few games you soon get the hang of it,the new tricks system i`m not sure on as it is a carbon copy of the Fifa system but still works well.The animations have improved as well and the commentary is o.k but could still do with a little more work.The strategy system i don`t like where you use select instead of of L1 seems frankly bizarre and i have no idea why Konami did this.Overall tho the game is great and scoring goals feels so much more rewarding than FIFA and every player feels different unlike FIFA where they all feel pretty much the same.If your a PES fan i totally recommend this game as it feels more like the PES we used to know and love.It's not perfect but it's a massive step in the right direction.

  4.  Sony Ericsson finally deliver


    This is an awesome piece of kit.Sony Ericsson have finally made a quality handset after the flawed Satio.The down side of this phone is that it is on Android 1.6,but the good news is that it will have android 2.1 operating system very soon.The phone boasts an awesome 4 inch crystal clear screen and has an awesome 1ghz processor.The camera is a top notch 8.1 megapixel with built in flash,which takes top quality photos and video footage.The touchscreen is very responsive,and the timescape feature is very impressiveThe other downside for me is battery life,but all smartphones seem to have this problem even the iphone.This phone once it recieves a software update to android 2.1 will definetly be a worthy rival to the iphone!.Overall this is a great handset that is well worth a look if you don`t fancy an iphone

  5.  Great but flawed by a poor camera


    Great phone with some awesome apps which 90% of them are free.Doesn`t get 5 stars for me as the camera is average at best and has no flash!.Some might say i`m being picky,but when a phone costs 300 pounds plus you think they`d put a decent camera on it!.Battery life is so so also,but then all smart phones seem to have this problem.Overall tho it`s a very good phone.

  6.  Superb finally a great superhero game!


    Absolutely superb the graphics gameplay and voice acting is top notch.It`s a nice balance of stealth and action.Eidos have done an incredible job and i have to say that this is the best game of this year so far!

  7.  Excellent


    Great controller feels so much better with rumble.Ignore other comments regarding its weight as its bound to be heavier due to the rumble feature added.The weight issue doesn`t affect the controller one bit.Yes its lighter than the 360 controller which is still a very good controller in its own right.If you own a ps3 and have missed the rumble feature then i would highly recommended buying this controller.

  8.  Massive letdown


    Well what can i say where has it all gone wrong Konami?Terrible frame rate issues online and offline.Poor edit mode lack of stadiums.Far too easy to score even on high difficulty.Gameplay doesn`t quite seem right i. slide tackles seem a waste of time.Graphically its a letdown.It plays an o.k game of the football but the lag issues do seriously affect the gameplay.Come on Konami please sort this out

  9.  Metal Gear Solid 4 Is a must have game


    This game is a real reason for anyone to purchase a ps3.The graphics are simply stunning,And the gameplay is superb.Online modes are great with new maps promised in the future only adding more longevity to one of the best games ever made.This truly feels like a next gen game and i give this game a well deserved 5 out of 5.A real must have title.

  10.  Great games poor machine


    The 360 is a decent machine at an affordable price with a huge libary of great games going for it.The online experience is top notch.The ps3 on the otherhand has a smaller libary of games (at the moment) and isn`t quite up to the standard of x box live.But the big issue for me is the reliability of the 360 which is truly shocking.I`m on my 3rd machine in 18 months.Many of my friends have the same issues the world famous ring of death.If you want alot of games for your machine and a great online service then plump for the 360.If you want a decnt online service with fewer games but a machine that will be reliable and never let you down i would plump for the ps3 which is getting more and more games by the minute.The 360 is hugely letdown by reliabilty of the machine which to be honest is truly shocking