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  1.  Where's the challenge???


    I pre ordered this game, as I am a massive fan of FORZA 1 & 2. I have read the reviews already and have to say BareOsaka has the game in my opinion, pretty much summed up. (Have a look)
    Yes the game is pretty to look at and has more content trhan Forza 2.
    BUT the game has been made so that even your grandparents could play it. Even with all the assists off the cars don't feel as "raw" to drive. Very little tuning skills are needed to get in a competitive lap time, the game will upgrade cars for you(how lazy).
    The game itself is easy to complete, I've only had the game 6 days and reached level 50. The rewind function enables any driver mistakes to be rectified with little effort, does this happen in real motor racing??
    The game has lost the plot as a driving simulator and just become a "arcade" type racing game. Which I feel has now lost its appeal as a "specialized" racing sim and just belongs now with the Need for Speed series.
    Before anyone criticises this review, the game should appeal to individuals who want a nice looking arcade racer, which is very user friendly. Finally Forza 3 doesn't offer any appeal to true driving sim fans, or offer the same challenge as Forza 2.

  2.  Worth playing.


    This game I picked up having hammered Call Of Duty 4 & was looking for something different.
    The graphics are excellent & controls are easy to get used to. Either play co-op with someone or alone with the 360, which enables the second character to be controlled by you. Obviously its more fun with a mate, but it can be played with the 360 AI just as well.
    The levels are pretty good with excellent detail, my only complaint is that the shooting can get a bit repetitive.
    There is a lot of swearing in the game, so anyone with children around please be warned.
    Having said that I've completed the game 3 times now, mainly due to the fact it's fun to play.
    Weapons can be upgraded & even pimped up in gold & silver bling!!
    Anyone looking for a descent 2 player shooter until Gears Of War 2 comes out, may want to consider playing this game.

  3.  THE best drivin simulator for the 360!!!


    Well what can I say?? I've had this game nearly a year now & it's just FANTASTIC!!. YES majority of the racing is over the same tracks.YES the tracks are of different lenghts & reverse direction on most of the circuits (which can bore some individuals with a short attention spans)
    BUT thats not what Forza2 is about is it??
    It's about taking cars, then personalising them,tuning them, then pitting your wits against other equally crazy racers online!!!! Winning, Losing, the frustration, the tension, not making a mistake that costs you the lead of a race. The abuse of another racer because there was a "racing incident" between you both. MY GOD what more do you need!!!!
    Phew that aside, then there's the constant support from Turn10 (who made Forza 2) who have their online tournaments for everyone, the website where you can keep track of your scores . The downloadable extra TRACKS & CARS which just keep coming out to add extra features to Forza 2.
    ANYONE who thinks they have what it takes to race MUST own this game, no not a game, THE BEST DRIVING SIMULATOR FOR THE 360 EVER!!!!

  4.  Avoid this game!!!


    Why avoid this game?? Well I've been playing Resident Evil games ever since they were out on Playstation 1, THIS IS THE WORST EVER!! Having played Resident Evil 4 on the WII, I was blown away enough to leave my XBOX 360 switched off for weeks. Obviously I rushed out & parted with my hard earned cash for the Umbrella Chronicles, only to be bitterly let down.
    First you cannot control the characters you are playing, only the when you shoot.Second, there is no problem solving, which die hard Resident Evil fans have come to love.
    This is just a arcade style shooter (time crisis with zombies), which has had very little thought & effort put into it to make a classic Resident Evil game. PLEASE PLEASE spend your money elsewere !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5.  Not up to the hype!!!


    Having rushed out & purchased this game, I'm sorry to say the game is " a let down" to say the least. My son & I started playng it & within around 6 hours of gameplay had completed it. The graphics are excellent but the gameplay is repetitive. I had the original Halo game for the xbox then Halo 2. Sadly I would say the 1st Halo is still the best Halo by far. Yes there are a couple of new vehicles & the on line gaming is fun with Halo 3.With all the hype & the performance of the Xbox360,shouldn't we expect a mind blowing game????? If you are new to Halo, then go out & buy the 1st Halo. As for me, back to Call of Duty 3 on-line here I go.