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  1.  5 star RPG


    I bought this game when it was full price and have to say it is the best RPG I've played to date. At the sale price Play.com are selling this game at they are virtually giving it away.

    Whilst this game doesn't employ a completely open world system such as games like Oblivion, the world you explore via a map system is fairly large indeed & the animation, voice acting & music is very good. The difficulty setting at normal is quite challenging and if this is too difficult there is an easier option and also 2 more difficult settings.

    As with many RPGs you can select to play as a male/female rogue, warrior or mage and can select one of 6 different classes, each with thier own differing starting story which offers good replay value.

    What sets this game apart from other RPGs is the character voice acting and interaction system. Your actions and the way you converse with your allies throughout the game can affect their feelings towards you making them respect/like you which increases their skills or can lead them to dislike you or even betray you. You also have the option of buying and giving items to your allies to increase their approval rating. Their is even the option of romance with certain characters.

    There are quite a lot of side quests to complete in addition to the main story so in total you can rack up at least 80 hours of playtime as one character alone. Additionally their is a number of downloadable content which you can purchase from Playstation Store available to increase gameplay, the most recent being the Dragon Age Awakening.

    A word of advice, if you haven't got your PS3 linked to the internet I would recomend it, as the recent PS3 firmware patch 3.30 did cause major freezing issues with this particular game which can be fixed by game update 1.02. I haven't had any problems with latest firmware update 3.40.

    If your still reading this review I can't sing enough praise for this game and would recomend it to any RPG fans.

  2.  Their best album


    If you don't own any other fallout boy albums buy this one as its' their best by a mile. Their isn't a single track I dislike on this entire CD & I am very glad I bought it, as you will be too if you decide to purchase it.

  3.  Quality Show


    I remember watching this when I was growing up but watching it again now as an adult I can really appreciatte the subtle brilliance of the story writing and acting quality. Although the 80s' heralded many great action packed shows in my oppinion this stands head and shoulders over the rest. I hope that Playback release the remaining three series sometime soon.

  4.  Very good


    As a big fan of the show this was a must buy and I was certainly not disapointed. A few songs from the show where missing but in all it was a really good selection.

  5.  Rock & Roll


    Classic heavy metal and my personal favourite motorhead album. Rock on!!!

  6.  Sheer genius


    Another great album by the genius that is Eminem and on par with the excellent Marshal Mathers album. Buy it you won't be disapointed.

  7.  Sweeeeet


    Wow! This is a near perfect series with every episode being amazingly funny. Fun times with weapons, awesom-o, pre-school , something this way walmart comes and quest for ratings are just some of the superb episodes in this boxset.

    If your a south park fan buy it now!!!

  8.  Action packed


    Great action and decent storylines in both films. For a fiver you can't go wrong.

  9.  Respect my Authority


    Great price for a great series. After a couple of dull episodes in the middle of series 5, its' nice to see the boys back in hilarious form. Cartman still steals the show but the inclusion of Butters as a replacement friend after the episode 'kenny dies' really works.

    Buy them all

  10.  Impressive


    After reading the rave reviews about this game I thought I'd give it a go and boy am I glad I did. It is very addictive, has an original storyline and the voice actors are good too.

    The game initially eases newcomers into it which is not a bad thing as this is the first Atlus game I've played and the spells names take a bit of time getting used to. I still think it would have been simpler to just call them ice, charm, or something but nevertheless you'll get used to the names.

    Gameplay itself is turn based which can at times get a little repetative but the sub-quests, tough battles and interesting storyline detract from this. Each weapon has a different look and some costumes you find alter the character appearance which adds to the fun.

    As in many other RPG such as final fantasy you can summon powerful creatures to assist you and this is no different. Instead you summon spirits called personnas which are linked to your subconsious mind and can even create new ones and build up their stats over time. Summoning them is uniquely done by use of an Evoker which is in the shape of a gun.

    Although, I'm not even half way through it yet I would guess that this has a lot of replayability value due to the amount of sub-quests, character and personna development and weapon build up.

    I would definately recomend this game to others and for the price and extras included in this updated version it is a must buy.