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    Brilliant best of compilation by one of the early groovey rock bands of the seventies.Breadfan all the way through to zoom club takes you on this historic ride of classic rock. Sit back and enjoy this compilation of rock hits from the past and dont worry about the measley three quid you paid for it because it is worth every single pence. Keep the budgie legend alive!



    Based on the never forgotten Edgar Allan Poes story and produced and directed by the legendary Roger Corman. This 1961 horror chiller begins with Francis (John Kerr) visiting an eerie looking castle to find the grave of his later sister Elizabeth (Barbara Steele). This is a typical 1960's horror chiller with mist, cobwebs, empty coffins and mysterious sounds which add to this well made thriller. Nicholas (Vincent Price), is the husband of Elizabeth who he states died of a rare blood disorder, or did she? Vincent Price, who as ever plays this part with superb passion turns out to be lying about the death to cover up the macabre truth. Dr Leon (Antony Carbone), says Elizabeth died of shock due to fright. Don't watch this film expecting blood and gore because there isn't any. This is a good old fashioned horror tale which glides along gracefully without the need to shock. Francis wants to know the truth but will he live to find out?

    The only downside to this disc is no extras but the quality of the film is as good as it could ever be!



    I was looking forward to this model arriving has this is meant to represent one of the most shocking moments of horror film history, instead you get something which could have been made at a nursery school, shoddy replica of leatherface and victim being hit with a rubber mallet. The whole model is poor even down to the colouring of the blood which looks like some persons red biro has leaked over it. Save your cash and spend it on something else. This must have been thrown together in ten minutes and it shows by the poor workmanship....



    Vincent Price stars in this brilliantly worked 1959 haunted house chiller. Frederick Loren [Vincent Price] and his glamorous wife Annabelle [ Carol Ohmart ] invite 5 guests to spend the night in there haunted mansion. The offer of spending the night and remaining alive is 10,000 dollars each. This is no way as easy as it sounds. The typical haunted house scenes run at a good pace throughout this film, including decapitated heads, dripping blood, flickering candles and ghosts to name a few. The music also adds to the eerie atmosphere at the heartstopping moments. Will anybody live to get the money? Let the bodycount begin! Filmed in black and white this also helps add to the feel of a well directed masterpiece by legendary horror director William Castle. This is the original and without a doubt , still the best for fans of this genre!

  5.  Enjoyable Horror Nasty


    This previously banned 1977 video nasty by sexploitation producer Harry Novak starts with three criminals, Lomax (Ray Green), Steele (Jack Cannon) and Billy (Frederick R Friedel) also the director. They humiliate, beat and eventually kill 2 innocent victims. They move onto a convenience store in a brilliant scene of the film in which you get to know the characters. This is a very well put together scene with added humour to take the nastiness away. The three criminals seek refuge at an old farmhouse which is only occupied by a young girl named Lisa (Leslie Lee), and her paralyzed Grandfather (Douglas Powers). It is not long before the three criminals make fun of Grandfather and then one of them rapes Lisa in a well worked scene which leads Lisa to her ultimate revenge.

    The print of the film is a bit grainy in places but this adds to the ambience of the creepy farmhouse. The acting is not that convincing compared to todays standards but doesn't detract from the film.

    This double disc edition contains extras including exclusive Harry Novak show reels, interviews and trailers and is a must for fans of this genre.



    This is the 1972, well thought out sequel, to the great british horror film The Abominable Dr Phibes. Vincent Price plays Dr Anton Phibes in one of his best screen performances as the mad and very bad doctor. This film starts with extracts from the first film outing, just to get you in the mood. The soundtrack and humour also adds to this amazing film.

    Three years have passed when Phibes rises from the tomb and also takes his beloved dead wife Victoria [Caroline Munro], whom he had spent his time with in suspended animation. Dr Phibes then sails to Egypt to the tomb of the dead pharaohs to find the key of life to resurrect Victoria. He is accompanied by his mute partner in crime Vulnavia, and the corpse of his dead wife. It's not long before his catalogue of well worked out murders begin using very clever methods. These include a weird and wonderful way of drowning, birds of prey and scorpions to name a few. Watch out for a brief special guest appearance by horror legend Peter Cushing as Captain, and a young John Thaw (The Sweeney) as Shaver, an unfortunate victim of Phibes. Biederbeck (Robert Quarry), and colleagues go in search of eygptian jewels not knowing Phibes is in search of them. Can Inspector Trout (Peter Jeffrey), and Waverley (John Cater) stop Phibes once and for all in another brilliant nail biting british horror finale?



    This is a british horror film with a difference, with horror maestro Vincent Price leading the way in a superb role as Dr Anton Phibes. In this 1971 chiller Dr Phibes is out to exact revenge on nine surgeons who he believes killed his wife during surgery. Its up to detective inspector Trout [ Peter Jeffrey] and Dr Versalius [Joseph Cotten] to stop him before he completes his mission. Dr Phibes [Price] starts killing the surgeons off one by one using the methods out of the old testament [the ten curses]. Once the murders are accomplished he burns wax figures which replicates his victims. The murders keep coming fast and furious, including deaths by unicorn, rats, locusts and bats, to name just a few. There are bits of mad organ playing by Phibes accompanied by his clockwork wizard orchestra, classical music played throughout and small comical references to calm things down, just a little.This film is not that scary or very gory by todays standards, but it as a brilliantly worked plot and some great performances by the actors, and with some added humour thrown in along the way which makes this film even more entertaining to watch. The finale is still one we wont forget in the history of great horror cinema......



    This is a good old british horror film by legendary film director Michael Reeves,[Witchfinder General].A late 60s film starring horror legend Boris Karloff as professer Montserrat and Catherine Lacey as his deranged wife Estelle, also Ian Oglivy [The Saint] as Mike Roscoe who is picked off the streets by Montserrat to undergo experiments with his own mind, controlled by Montserrat and his wife, they also share the same sensations as Roscoe which leads him to comit theft, road offences, violence and ultimately murder and more murder. This as a seedy 60s house setting and a groovy 60s club soundtrack which add to this underated, sometimes forgotten little horror gem. The disc also contains some very good and informative special features on the late and great director Michael Reeves who sadly passed away in 1969 at the age of 24 with 3 films already to his credit. This is a disc which should not be forgotten like the director.



    Thanks to nucleus films we have a long awaited 80s horror classic to feast our eyes on, superb leading roles for George Kennedy [ just before dawn] and Richard Crenna [ first blood ]. Superb horror, with loads of 80s style shocks, from creepy ghost like settings to full blown gore, and with bits of added humour to calm things down. Watch out for the uncut shower scene, which is still good by todays standards, although the film is a bit grainy in places throughout it helps add to the film and does not spoil this long awaited horror classic at all. This is a must for any horror fans film collection, and with loads of special features this is a great disc to add. This disc had been sunk for far too long..........



    nearly twenty years since george a romero released day of the dead, but he bounces back with this long awaited classic, not so atmospheric as the previous three films, but the special gore effects make up for that by the bucket loads. watch out for a special appearance by alltime gore effects maestro tom savini,as machete zombie, well worth a look, if its only for a minute.