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  1.  Stop Moaning


    Why are people moaning about these films being spread over two discs when the whole point of the Blu-Ray versions is about ultimate picture and sound quality!! If they were 'compressed' onto a single disc then sacrifices would have to be made! Get with it!!

  2.  Lets get something straight


    Ok, I own both PGR4 & Forza 2 and have to say they are both great games, however, they are vastly different in style so all those people who are trying to compare them please stop.

    Forza is first and foremost a simulation!!! Very realistic handling as anybody who has actually driven a reasonably quick car knows you can't really throw a car into a bend at 100mph, apply the brakes and expect to come out of it alive( or with the use of all your limbs), not to mention carry on driving your car with the few minor scratches it recieves after smashing into the crash barrier. So as a Simulator Forza 2 is Excellent.

    But in PGR4's defence, I (and many of my friends) don't want a game thats super realistic, if Call of Duty was super realistic, the first time you get fragged with a grenade your screen shoud go black and you shouldn't be able to play the game ever again. I want a racing game that features amazing cars, great circuits and challenges, varied playing styles and fantastic graphics. PGR4 meets all these requirements, the weather effects are stunning, you can actually feel the steering become lighter as you hit standing water, the whole character of the cars & bikes change as the circuit becomes sodden with rain or frozen with ice.

    We know its not super realistic but it IS SUPER FUN and not too difficult that you'll stop playng it because you keep spinning off. I give it a definitive 10 out of 10.

    BUY THIS GAME!!!!!!!

  3.  Brilliant!!!!


    Exciting & Heartpunding from the beginning!

    Michael Mann has been responsible for many great films and some of my favourites (Heat & Last of the Mohicans for example) but this has just a little more edge.

    With excellent performances from all the leading cast & supporting actors it is a very convincing portrayal of what is a very dangerous situation they become involved in.

    I have to say it is a bit of a bloke film though, the Ferrari & Bentley chase at the beginning immediately making you green with envy and that you were actually there, also the blazing gunfights and some highly charged scenes where there is clearly too much testosterone flowing.

    That said this is one of the few films that never tires and you could quite happily watch over and over without getting bored.

    A must see film which definately doesn't glamorise the underworld of drugs & prostitution, it has a very mixed soundtrack which is very effective at complimenting its accompanying scene.

    Definite 10 out of 10 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4.  Most Acceptable


    This is quite simply one of the best HD-DVD's available, an exceptional transfer and one that should be used to make your friends jealous of your HD setup. Great action along with some excellent performances by Christial Bale, Michael Caine & not to mention Morgan Freeman. If you don't own this you have no choice but to add it to our collection otherwise you don't deserve to have HD, great pricing on PLAY.COM at the moment too.