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  1.  Total war back to their best


    This game is absolutely superb. First the looks the game is beautiful and the graphics are superb but you do need good specs I dont think it is worth playing if you computer barely copes with it.

    Now to the actual game I was hooked to Medieval 2 which I think this is similar to. That in itself is a massive compliment the game is on epic proportions. I also feel that the risk like platform coupled with the on field battle and siege option are unrivalled by any game.

    But the best thing about this one is a few subtle differences to the previous total war games. Previously there would be times in battles that you would ask a unit to do something and they simply wouldnt. This has been minimised in Shogun 2.

    Secondly missile units are also a delicate area in a game like this. Make them too powerful and they are the only units you need. Make them too weak and it takes a lot of fun out of the game I think this has happened before in total war games. But in shogun it is perfect the missile units are great. If you are attacking a fort or a unit stands still too long then they are seriously punished as they should be. But missile units are not too strong you certainly need a good mix of different units.

    All in all I think the games looks amazing. It also has all the good features of previous games in this series making improvements where there needed to be making sure to not deviate too far from a proven recipe.

    If you have played other total war games and liked them buy this one!!!!!!! If you have never played one then buy it anyway it is amazing.

  2.  Perfect


    i have tried many different mp3 players in order to try and get away from the dominance of the iPod. These have included an i river and various others. I settled on the old sony Walkman and found it easy to use, good size etc, but it seemed to lack the professionalism and class of anything apple could provide. However, i have finally found something that blows away anything apple have made and probably ever will! it looks amazing, it sounds amazing, its perfect!! buy it!!