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  1.  One of the 1960's Greatest Albums


    This album is not only probably Elvis's finest album, but one of the finest albums of the entire 1960's. "From Elvis In Memphis" is represented here in fantastic sound quality in it's original track listing, plus it has some bonus tracks. The follow up to that album is represented on disc 2 and again is the original line-up of songs.

    THE biggest draw for fans on this album though is the bonus 10 mono tracks on disc 2. At last, we can hear "Suspicious Minds" and other singles from the period in their glorious mono single versions. This, and disc 1 is what make this package a definite "must buy" compared to other incarnations of this glorious time in Elvis career.

    There are not many albums I would give a full five star rating for, but this is one. Impossible not to hate, if you only own one Elvis album, get this and enjoy.

  2.  An absolute stunning title.


    I have quite a nice catalogue of Blu-ray films now, so for a film to be technically impressive it really has to be something special. Without a doubt Zulu is a film that will really knock your socks off in the picture department. It's as if they have re-recorded the film only last week! The picture has to be seen to be believed, you'll see detail in this film that you have never seen before, and it really adds to an already superb film.

    The sound is stereo only, but don't let that put you off if you have a 5.1/7.1 system as this stereo track is pretty amazing also. It's clean, well balanced and has a perfect tone to match the film.

    The film itself of course is a classic, and if you have never seen this film it is one that you will watch more than once. The second half of the movie has some of the greatest war sequences ever, and apprantely the story is damn accurate!

    This is a must have! Get it now!!!

  3. Sega Rally

    Sega Rally

    Playstation Portable

    2 New from  £29.98  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £6.72

     Excellent rally game for the PSP!


    I bought this as I love the Sega Saturn, Dreamcast and PS3 versions of the game (all of which I play today). I'm obviously a huge fan of the arcade versions too, so when I got this version for a bargain £9.99 I was more than pleased. Graphically it's really really nice, with vibrant colours and some great effects. Sound is good too, but of course the most important thing us the gameplay, and this game has tons of gameplay.

    As some people have said, it can be quite easy, but it's fun, and there are some really tough challenges to be had the further you progress.

    Well worth the money, even if you've only ever been slightly interested in playing a Sega Rally game. Worth the money even more if you're a Sega Rally fan like myself!

    :) Mark

  4.  Simply stunning


    I'm not going to lie, I've always been a huge Tekken fan, and as soon as I had the chance to download this on PSN I didn't hesitate. It was awesome in everyway...

    I bought the PSP version the day I got my PSP and didn't know what to expect, but I was in for a shock, this version is absoultly amazing in every way! The graphics are stunning, the sound is amazing and the gameplay is second to none!

    If you love you fighting games, you really will love this triple A title for the PSP! You'll never tire of it!

    :) Mark

  5.  Enjoyable and fun!


    This is a very impressive game that should not be compared to COD4 in any way. Primarily it's a one player game, and the one player game is alot of fun. It took me about 8 hours to complete the game but I enjoyed every minute of it.

    What makes this game different to the Call Of Duty games is the fact you can jump into vehicles. Nothing feels better than jumping into a tank and running rampage with the enemy. What's more, it feels even better doing that when in the multi-player online mode.

    There are a few graphical hitches, which will hopefully be sorted out in a patch later on, but other than that it runs smoothly. I'd definitly recommend it, it's alot of fun and well worth the money.

    :) Mark

  6.  A must by collection for all music lovers!


    Even if you've been a Jan & dean fan for years, and have all their albums, this is a must buy as it comprises all the 45rpm single versions of the songs "A" and "B" sides that you know and love. The collection has been restored in beautiful mono, and for alot of these tracks it's the first time they've been available on CD in their mono incarnations.

    The track listing contains ALL of their hit singles, plus you get a couple of bonus tracks at the end which were released as a Jan Berry only release.

    Sound quality is out-of-this-world! Its all been remastered with tender loving care, and the mixes sound as authentic as the original 45's that I own.

    :) Mark

  7.  THE best PS3 racer... It is that good!


    Ok, forget the rest, this is by far the best racer on the PS3. One thing to remember though is that this is first and foremost a SIMULATOR! The car handling is spot on, the car handles better than anything on any other PS3 racer. The one thing I think that puts people off is the difficulty, it can be hard, but you really need to learn the tracks and how to drive the car.

    Graphically, the game has it's ups and downs, some of the tracks are just breath-taking, and some are very average, but they all seemed to be modelled very accrutely. The rain effect is the best I have ever seen in a racing game, and it really does effect the way you play.

    Sonics on the game are good, some great tunes and some better engine noises, though I wish the engine noises were louder by default. The 5.1 mix is really amazing, and you can tell where all the other cars are around you just by listening to the sound-field.

    I think too many people are thinking this is going to be just another arcade game like the cool "Grid" and the awesome "Sega Rally", however, this is much, much more! If you prevail you will encounter a much deeper, fun game than anything else on the PS3.

    I've been playing racing games since before the dawn of time (yes... the 70's!) so it really takes alot for a game to impress me these days. This one, once played for a little while, really did impress me, and grows on me day by day!

    :) Mark

  8.  A true great, in every way.


    Is this film one of the greatest Westerns ever made? Probably! Is this Blu-ray transfer one of the best there is? Yes it really is!

    John Wayne's classic Western looks amazing on Blu-ray, and can be enjoyed again as if you were watching a whole new film. The picture quality is out of this world, the story is as gritty and frightening as it ever was. This tale of what boils-down to be "racism" is one of John Fords greatest films, and a film that every fan of cinema should own in their collection.

    John Wayne is probably at his peak in this movie, and for those who say Wayne can't act, watch this and be proved wrong. It has some of the most stirring scenes ever written in film and stills pulls-strong today.

    As for the HD qualitys. The picture is an amazing transfer that makes the film look like it was released just this year... It's just that breath-taking. As for the sound, it was decided to leave in the original mono soundtrack, but this still sounds great in HD. There are loads of extras too, which add to the whole experience.

    If you don't own it, you're no film-buff!

    :) Mark

  9. 300



    20 New from  £7.27  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £6.99

     This is what HD was made for!


    Ok, right from the start you know this is not going to be an ordinary film. It has an almost sepia tone throughout, with some almost Biblical backdrops and some gruesome action. It's all packed nicely into a great story and some even better set-action pieces. I have no regrets in purchasing this film on Blu-ray, even though I'd never seen it before.

    As for the HD quality, the sound in uncompressed PCM 5.1 is out of this world, definitly a show-off Blu-ray for sound. The picture on the other hand is really great, you can see every pore on every characters face, yet the director added film artifacts on purpose which may have been hardly noticable on the DVD editions, but which really could have been turned down for the HD release.

    Overall, a great, no-doubt "classic" bit of film making.

    :) Mark

  10.  Best action film of 2008?


    Ok, I didn't know what to expect when I watched this film. After all, Stallones last Rocky film was dire to say the least. However, boy was I shocked! This film is non-stop action from begining to the end.

    It's everything a modern film should be, graphic to an extent where it makes you feel like you're wittnessing it for real, gritty, fast paced and utterly-enjoyable!

    Forget the other Rambo films, this is the best of them all. Some great action sequences, a story that flows quite nicely and John Rambo back where he belongs... On top of the Action-packed crowd!

    :) Mark