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  1.  Still the best..


    FIFA 10 is a very large step in the right direction for football games. The realism has got a lot better, some people might find it less fun, but I think the tackling on this game has improved ten-fold.

    The likes of the be a pro and manager mode have been greatly improved.

    Fifa is the only football game that expands based on the real world, not based on what people think and this they must be commended for.

    Though there is still a lot of improvement required, as mentioned by others the clubs system has taken a step backwards for example. There have been far many more improvements.

    Anyone who says Pro Evo is better than Fifa isn't a football fan, they're a gaming fan.

  2.  A classic but..


    GTA IV is always going to be a classic purely for the hype that surrounded it pre-release and it is a very good game. But it isn't the greatest game you will every play or is it, in my opinion, a large enough step up from the previous GTAs.

    The online play is fun and refreshing but it's the sort of game you can get bored of quite easily.

    But now that the price has been dropped, definitely worth it.

  3.  The best.


    Fallout 3 is still in my opinion the best single player only 360 game to be released. Yes the likes of Halo and Gears are very much great games, but this sets itself apart for it's story and gameplay as a single player game.

    If you don't have Xbox Live, or even if you do, this is a must own game.

  4.  Breathe taking.


    I've seen every Lost episode when it was first scheduled to be shown in the UK and it is truly one of the greatest drama TV series I have ever seen. I have been on an emotional roller-coaster from day one. Though I don't believe watching them on DVD is the best way to do it, (mainly because the week wait between episodes just makes your brain explode!). If you've not seen, or need to catch up, it so far it is the only way to do it.

    Though season 3 is still by far my favourite (especially for the ending.) and season 4 had some of the saddest moments ever.. Season 5 sits perfectly on the swinging pendulum for the Lost finaly.

    It is true what they say we are in a golden age of television Drama (mainly American), with the likes of 24, Prison Break, Flash Forward, House and many many more but Lost truly leads the way to the greatest, most anticipated climax in television history. If I do not shed a tear on that final day then I will be truly disappointed.

    Note: This is not the sort of series to watch parts of, watch it all or none at all, it'll change your life!

  5.  Good Game


    I love the story based around the Halo games.. It's nothing particularly new but when it's mixed with the good game play and interaction it makes for a simply superb game.

    The online functions a bit of a let down though It's good that you can play online with guests.

    I prefer CoD4 as a shooter for the box but for a good story shooter you can't find much better than Halo or GoW.

  6.  Brilliant..


    The graphics are superb. I had this on the PC but decided to get it on the Xbox to check it out. I much prefer it on the Xbox now due to it's ease of use.

    It's a shame there's no online function but thats just Elder Scrolls for you.

    One of the best single player games I own, and I own a lot :).

  7.  Great game..


    One of the best single player games I've ever seen.. Absolutely addicted to it.. The one problem is that the multiplayer function isn't up to scratch (Though I didn't buy this for a while after it had came out and was used to CoD4).

    But if you want a good single player game, this is probably the best.

    Hope GoW2 has a better online system then it'll be perfect.

  8.  Best multiplayer game on the Xbox.


    One of the best buys I've ever bought.. Good community on it through Live.. Still not bored of it.. Single player is good too for when you fancy bashing some AI s.

    You can truly say you have Xbox Live if you don't have CoD4.

  9.  Excellent


    They've literally just arrived. I'm using them to listen to music at the mo and the quality is amazing. They come well packaged and look alright too. The test will be how they fair over long periods of time, I have the tendency to be very dangerous with my headset on. But with the wires set up the way they are it looks hard to really break them at the wires.

    All in all great buy for the money, only gave it a 4 star cause I've just got them if they stay at this quality for a few months definitely 5 star.

    Need a headset for less than £20, this is the one.