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  1.  Amazing


    Its really detailed, everything from his face paint to the little cufflings on the end of his jacket, obviously you cant remove him from his box because he is a statue, almost like a garden gnome, he is very heavy also, if you drop him, he will smash. He makes quite an interesting little ornament, creepy if you wake up in the middle of the night n notice him just sitting staring, superb detail. Very good for the price.

  2.  Brilliant


    The noise is very loud and you can hear the thing rattling through the air, entertaining if you have kids on a camping holiday. The one way that the howler doesnt make the noise is if its wet, keep it out of water and you will have endless fun with this .

  3.  Yeh its alright


    I have had mine for a good few month now and it still works , granted it does not work as well as it did in the first week as i got it. It does work, just not as well as what the consumers claim, so buy with caution.

  4.  I never bought the first one


    I never bought condemned 1. But i am glad i purchased the second 1. Its excellent, definetly a game to play in the dark, especially if you fancee a good scare.
    led pipes
    cro bars
    Even a gun or two (rifles and snipers)
    acient artifacts (swords, warhammers and crossbows)
    Watch round every corner becuase there could be someone or something jumping out. A bear on one level.
    Basically you are a secret agent who is an alcoholic, wen you drink alcohol you become more powerful.
    You have a torch because every level you are going to be in the dark at some point, wether its in a wildlife park or a museum.
    a very good game, well worth the moey you would pay for it in my opinion.

  5.  Excellent


    A toned down version of Grand Theft Auto
    People are claiming that it crashes.
    It has not crashed once for me, just incase you buy a copy and it does crash, maybe your better waiting for a patch to come out. But so far for me, it has been seriously good fun.

  6.  I would not buy this over a Playstation 3


    Yes yes , the xbox 360 has great graphics , HD tv , and some excellent games coming out for it and already out for it. I have had mine for a year and it was great when i first got it , but i started getting the warning message that my xbox 360 is pretty much destroying itself from the inside, i had it repaired and it does it again , and again and again. They are simply to instable , the games heart up to easily and gam, u buy an intercooler to make them cool and it is so loud you can barely hear the game that your playing. My brother recently bought a ps3, i played on it and now i cant come off it. It is SILENT , it has brillaint graphics, some excellent games in the line up for it coming out. It has not gammed once and this is after months of play, my xbox 360 had a warning message within the first 3 days, it is ridiculous how it breaks this easily. For the amount of money the consumers are expecting for an xbox 360 , we should be getting alot more than what we are.

  7.  Its just a big plastic bag!!


    what a absoloute , pathetic , pointless , cheap , silly piece of plastic , dont buy this really , it really dosent work , mine flew into a tree after 5 minutes and ripped straight away . They really are pathetic , it makes me so angry for the consumers to blatantly lie to people:@

  8.  ahhh yes


    great laugh , The twin rotors give for excellent flying and controlling is the best i have seen yet. at least give this a try /

  9.  Excellent


    I am writing this review to tell you this game is excellent and to send my respects to ian porterfields family. The man who scored the winning goal in this DVD has sadly died the night i have wrote this review.
    R.I.P Ian Porterfield

  10.  A shame.


    I saw this film advertised and was going into cinemas and i was really looking forward to it. But when i seen it , it was full of silly american humour. I wudnt reccomend it in the slightest. A total let down, save your money.