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  1.  Consise, easy to read & full of great tips.


    I borrowed this from my local library and it is excellent. Written in a great style it feels like someone is sat next to you. It includes little exercises to do and it is very well laid out. I have read a fair few books on writing and this would definitely be in my top 5 . A great little find and I'm now going to buy my very own copy here at PLAY

  2.  Although an ancient subject it is written in a modern style


    Mary Beard brings a lot of detail but guides the reader with a honest approach and is not tempted to romanticise the subject. The town of Pompeii jumps off the page which is all credit to the writer. She has divided the book in a way that not only makes sense but is very interesting, I'd imagine that this is the only book you would need on your bookcase to cover this unfortunate city and its subsequent rediscovery.

  3.  Interesting and well written.


    I have read the book Schindlers List and have seen the very moving film therefore when I saw this I thought it would be an interesting story. I was not disappointed and was so enthralled that I read it all one lazy Sunday. It was also useful for me, as a budding writer, as it gave some insights into a writers world. The real star of this book was Poldek a wonderful character and very special human being. It is important that writers like Thomas Keneally bring the stories of people like Oskar Schindler and Poldek to the world, Very inspirational and well written.

  4.  Forget Bridget Jones, this is what it's like for real women


    I disliked Bridget Jones diary with a passion, badly written and just plain silly. Cutting up Playgirl is the real deal and I really enjoyed it. The book is well written, incredibly honest and very easy to identify with. In fact I'm sure a lot of women of a similar age, like myself, will be smiling knowingly a lot while turning the pages. For me it felt quite theraputic that someone else had similar experiences with men and relationships. Well done to Carrie Jones for sharing her romantic (and not so romantic) journey with us. A must read!

  5.  Wicked Comeback album iron maiden


    (edit from me old not so great review) Well i bought about 3 years ago and i have bought iron maiden's whole back catalogue including 2 live albums, and this is deffinetly one of their best. This is Bruces & Adrians return to Maiden and made Maiden a whole lot better(though i thought blaze bayleys era was great). During bruces departure of iron maiden as you all know he had a solo career which was heavier then Iron maiden and obviously that has inspired this album alot. This album to me is a masterpiece, not a bad song on it, and it is heavier then iron maidens earlier stuff(for the better). My favourite songs on this album would be too hard to choose as i love it all so many amazing songs on this album. I think the thing i love the most here is the riff in The Thin Line between love and hate thats so amazing. Every song on this album is amazing, the ballad Blood Brothers is a great ballad. This album is a great Iron Maiden album Iron Maiden fans this is highly recommended(you should really have this already), and new Iron Maiden fans this is a great start to Maiden it's just as good as their old stuff if not better. A must Buy. UP THE IRONS



    This season is a really funny first season. I love everything about this show, the characters, the storylines, the jokes and the way it's all set in the 70s. I bought season 1 on dvd awhile back and i absolutely loved it but then i forgot about it and one day i started to watch it again and i still laughed at it and loved it, and then i started to collect the dvds. I think my favourite character would either be Red, Hyde or Eric hell there all hilarious. This show is a genius comedy and should be watched by all, if you havnt seen that 70s show buy this season today then buy all the rest as this season will have you hooked. One of the best shows out there.

  7.  Wicked start to megadeth


    Well i'm not reviewing this album really as a megadeth fan i have all these songs, i'm really only reviewing the song kill the king which isnt featured on any other album. As you would know by now this is a very good selection of megadeth songs, missing alot though, the bonus track they put on this album Kill The King is an amazing songs fast intro riffs and a brilliant solo. So great start to megadeth after this you'll be left wanting to buy all their albums. Megadeth rock.

  8.  Megadeths first none thrash metal album, and it's wicked.


    (edit from my old review) I bought this album about a year ago and since then i have all megadeth albums, this has to be one of their best. Though it's not thrash metal like Rust In Peace, it's still heavy metal and the album is filled with awesome heavy riffs and wicked solos to please any megadeth/metal fan. Every song on the album are amazing, even the demos are really good. I dont think i can pick a favourite song as they are all different and amazing. This is the perfect start to Megadeth, and every megadeth fan should have this already if not what are you waiting for? This album was released the same year as Metallicas mainstream heavy metal album the black album and this just is better then that in every way. So ending my review, this is just an awesome album with a collection of amazing riffs and solos, and great vocals deliverd by mustaine. So this is a must buy album for new megadeth fans and megadeth fans(is there even a point of saying megadeth fans?), buy this album if you're a heavy metal fan it's really cheap so wont regret it. Megadeth Rule.

  9.  Awesome 2 disc album by the legen himself RONNIE JAMES DIO


    In my opinion ronnie james dio is one of the best metal singers ever, i'm 17 and i have only just discorverd the magic of dio a year ago so i havnt been a really long fan and i dont have much of his only this holy diver and black sabbaths albums heaven and hell and the mob rules, and from those albums i do think he is one of the best singer ever. Onto this magical 2 disc album, both albums are amazing, first disc is the album Magica a concept album dios first and it is mindblowing songs like Lord Of The Last Day, Turn To Stone, Ebeil & Losing My Insanity are just as good if not better then his early stuff(holy diver) but they are both different and amazing, magica is filled with awesome vocals great heavy riffs mindblowing solos and great lyrics though i dont see the point in Magica Story it's a bit boring it's just dio telling the story of magica for 20 minutes. Next we have the awesome heavy Killing the Dragon, amazing album once again it's alot like his old stuff it's wicked. When you first hear the first song killing the dragon you instantly know it's gonna be an awesome heavy album and dio delivers just that. I want to mention the liner notes they arn't actually the original liner notes and dont have any lyrics but dont let that be off putting ( iwas kinda off put by that when i first heard about that) but the 2 albums here are simply amazing and very cheap so it's a bargain really. If you're new to Dio's solo career i'd say it's best of to start of with his classic Holy Diver and if you have money left buy this one after all it's a bargain for 2 amazing albums. Dio fans this is a must have. LONG LIVE RONNIE JAMES DIO.

  10.  South Park is one of the best shows ever!!!!


    I don't have this dvd yet because i only have seaon 2 and 4, but i have seen all the seasons on paramount comedy 1 and they are brilliant, just watch the trailer and see foryourself you laughed at that, then you'll no doubt love this season you nessacarily watch it from the first season. While everyone is all in love with Family Guy and American Dad whilst they were brilliant at first they have just got lazy and boring and stupid while South Park just continues to get better and better, though think season 11 was pretty annoying(but the imagination land episode was hilarious). Forget the increasingly overrated show like family guy and american dad this is real comedy this will make you laugh so hard just watch the trailer and see foryouself. I can't recommend this enough for comedy lovers.