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  1.  They're A Steal...


    These are amazing for £4, they lasted me 3 months, not i have had £40 headphones that last about 2 years that sounded marginally better (and frigging Sony ones at that), but think about it..... £4 for 3 months or £40 for 2 years.... well.... 2 years = 24 months = 8 x 3 months, 8x4 = £32, a saving of £8, for ear buds that sound just as good, are a heck of a lot more comfortable, okay, if you're encoding at Lossless or something like 328Kbps AAC you're not going to hear any difference, the one lost star is for having one headphone lead longer than the other to go around the back of your neck, nothing wrong with this necessarily, but i just don't like this design in my headphones. Just don't turn your iPod up to full volume with them otherwise you will start to get the "crackling" but this should be a sign that you are listening to your music a little too loud (okay, a lot too loud). Great buy, excellent, amazing, totally recommend, i'm on my second pair in 5 months so don't expect them too last forever, but for this price they're good enough for you to drop in the sand when your on holiday even if your an audiophile =].

  2.  Wow...


    You have to be a complete idiot to bay 12Months xbox live on its own... camera.. amazing, Xbox Live ... amazing =]

  3.  It couldn't be easier...


    The title says it all, plug it in, clip it onto the back of the 360, if your network isn't secure just go, if it is, type in the MAC code and you're off. Simple, easy, amazing =]

  4.  Whoa....


    Shortcut buttons for everything, works well with my TV (even if i had to spend ages searching for the right code). Great for watching DVD's or HD DVD's, but browsing the Xbox dashboard is a little tedious, loses one star for being infra red and having to point at my Xbox everytime. But apart from that, i'm happy.

  5.  An Extra £2 for a black one? No Thanks


    All play and change kits work for all Xbox's, don't bother paying the premium unless your matching colors are THAT important. Seriously.

  6.  Can't Go Wrong


    No-one can ever go wrong with clubland, long time fan, and £12.99 it's a steal.

  7.  Pretty Awesome


    Only complaint is the price, a bit too much for what it is, but apart from that then very pleased.