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  1.  Excellent "How To . . ." and "Instruction Manual" in one!


    This book is a must for anyone who wants to learn more about photography, specifically the 50D.

    GIves you hints and tips on how to get what you want out of your photos and how best to use the camera to get those fantastic shots.

    Recommended highly.

  2.  Very Good For Amatures


    Bought this lens with a 50D body instead of going for the 50D lens Kit.

    This lens has extremely good optics for the prices. The F/1.8 lens speed means that portraits look professional with very little effort required.
    Focus speed is excellent and it is very light when placed on the camera.

    Optics aren't going to be as good as its more expensive brothers, however, for those just starting out and wanting to learn about cameras and shot types I would strongly recommend adding this to your bag.

    Strongly recommended

  3.  Excellent For The Price


    I previously owned a 300D and was unsure if to upgrade to the 550D, 7D or the 50D. All of which had various prices and features. The 50D sits happily in the middle of what I wanted. Uses CF and the Canon 511 battery.
    The step in image quality to the 50D from the 300D is signficant as is the cameras ability to use lens.

    Fantastic autofocus, improved metering, excellent modes allowing for the novice to move from scene modes "portrait", "sports" etc, through to Creatice Auto (which allows some simple customisation, through to the full customisation modes.

    6 FPS shooting speed with a large JPG buffer. Even with my old 1GB CF the write rate to the CF is improved over my older camera. I have bought a 8GB UDMA CF which will allow 300x write speeds.

    I didn't buy a kit. Instead I bought a 50mm f/1.8 MkII lens instead which is an excellent lens for the price and ideal for portrait photos.

    The camera build quality is excellent and the weight is just right. Size of the camera is ideal for medium to large hands - is bigger than the 550D not as big at the 7D.

    I strongly recommend this camera over the 7D (assuming the 8FPS and video aren't essential for you) and over the 550D (beginners camera with lesser build quality).
    The saving in price over the 7D means you can buy some additional glass which will benefit you in the long run.

    Highly recommended.

  4.  Real Work Horse


    This phone is a real work horse with some nice functions that are not on the previous S60 phones that i have owned.
    It allows you to swap between Home and Business mode which is a nice touch. The user interface is a bit drab to look at but does give confidence and is very stable. There are a few things like flipping it over to put it on silent, tapping it to turn off the ringing, and swiveling it if you want to read stuff in landscape.

    Battery life is about 2 days with mild use (small wifi, some calls) - its probably a charge every night though - which is the norm now a days.

    Excellent to look at, clear screen and not something that a lot of people have. Classy, novel and not a gimmic phone.

    Well worth getting.

    Only down one star as its multimedia capability is not quite as good / quick as the NSeries phones, but that said, its excellent for business.

    p.s. call quality and signal strength is excellent, far better than my 6120 classic and N90.

  5.  Not as good as I hoped


    There are a lot of very positive reviews about this from many other people, not just on this site, but also on other sites.

    The 'media' reviews had tended to be lower at rating it than public reviews, I wasn't sure what to do, or why there was the difference.

    I decided to purchase it (when it was finally in stock) none the less.

    Just so you know, I already own House of the Dead and when i bought this and i had purchased a GAMEWARE Zapper at the same time.
    I would guess that depending which you buy first, it will influence which you prefer.

    I found this game a bit slow when compared to HotD (House of the Dead). Don't get me wrong, the game is ok, just not as frantic and fun as HotD.
    The Wii zapper its self is good, and marginally better designed that the GAMEWARE one (powers off much easier, is easier to put together and is a single solid unit).

    Overall I felt under-whelmed when this finally arrived on my door step. Better for younger people (no gore) when compared to HotD and the build quality is good as well.
    Just don't expect something phenomal and you will be ok. It is ok, I would say much more than that though.

    If you need a gun holder, get it.
    If you like Link, get it.
    If you are looking for a second gun holder, maybe get it if the price is right for you.

    (See if there are others who have HotD and other gun holders as well as this. I would even be interested to know what they think to see if they agree with me)

  6.  Top viewing!


    This is the first in two series.

    The first episodes are good, then it seems to waiver a little and picks up towards the end.

    Overall it is very very good. The only thing with is that the second series is IMHO (in my humble opinion) better.

    Really recommend this and it is something that anyone in the family could watch (if over 15)

  7.  Excellent Boxset Series


    I know nothing about the seventies.

    HOWEVER, this is very very good, excellent infact. It continues from the first series, which is only four stars in my opinion, and expands on the characters.

    Good compelling viewing with characters you can relate to, stories that are believable (in a 70's sort of way) and generally a really really good series with an excellently written finally.
    This coupled with the first series is something you must watch.

    Didn't think i would be interested in this when it was on tele, and hence didn't watch it. Afterwards cought one of the replays and instantly wanted to know how it ended.
    Something for all the family (if over 15!)

  8.  Great Big Green Kahuna's!


    Excellent T-shirt.
    Just to be clear, depending on your interpretation of the word kahuna, you might be worried as to what is printed on the front of the t-shirt.

    I can confirm that its not what you might think.

    The t-shirt has an animal logo on the front (pictured) and a small animal logo on the back, in the middle, at the top just below the collar.

    Very good quality, unlikely to shrink or stretch, but thin enough to make sure you aren't a sweaty-betty in the summer.
    The colour is a "good" green and seemed to match me quite well (didn't make me look ill).

    I am a 40" chest and it fitted fine, again, this is what i can only describe as a surf fit - slightly longer, with a snugger fit around the middle.

    If you like this sort of design of shirt, I can highly recommend it!

  9.  Cool & Blue


    Really really nice T-shirt. The colour is a very cool blue.

    As with most of the ripcurl stuff, the quility is very high. Thick enough to stand up to wear and tear, thin enough to make sure you don't get too hot.
    The fit is very good as well. Surf fit, which i actually prefer. Sort of a slightly longer, ever so slightly snugger fit around the middle.

    I bought, as with most of my t-shirt purchases recently, the medium. I am a 40" chest roughly and it fits well.

    A great buy.

  10.  Top Shirt


    The colour and motif work very well.
    I would point out that the motif has a "crazed" look when new - like its aged. But it does work.

    The medium, which it what I purchased is fine for anyone of about a size 40" chest.

    The thickness is fine for summer and appears (although un-proven) to be of a high enough quality to last a few washes. Its not a cheap thin shirt is what i am trying to say.