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  1.  excellent


    I brought this when it was on offer for 10 quid on Steam, and I must say that I have not been disappointed... unlike the likes of Operation Raccoon City which in my opinion was utter tripe, this goes back to the eerie routes of its predecessors while still maintaining the timeline and story... it has a dark and twisted story arc we come to expect from RE games, and offers so much more...

    the DLC for some of the weapons don't add much as one in particular only adds a pistol that should hold a minimum of 7 - 10 rounds but gives you 4, this however does not dampen the game in any way as the other weapons are just as good... the puzzles work well and the camera angles are all good, sure I got the odd one which was annoying but hey, wouldn't be resi without an intense moment where the camera amplified the moment...

    the enemies are challenging to the right degree, some will make you run for dear life but others can be taken down providing you have the ammo and the time... the Bosses are as RE bosses should be challenging and varied... not to mention in some cases HUGE! but there are no impossible ones, if you cant beat one you're doing it wrong...

    the inclusion of Co Op and Raid modes are also a plus as it adds variation and longer life to the games play-ability

    but don't just take my word for it play it for yourself and see...

    I plan on buying again for the other systems...

  2.  damned good game...


    been waiting for this game for ages, and although as in most games based on movies they make the usual "I'm going to rewrite the entire story" which to fans of teh movies is downright blasphemy...
    but this takes a different route, the game is set after the events in Aliens (2) and in a way plays like a sequel rather than a game con version....
    I admit there could be more but on saying that from what i have played so far it is a damned fine game and worthy of being in the top charts...

    I will suggest though if you want a Call of Duty game with aliens, THIS WILL Disappoint... but if u want a game that is true to the Alien(s) universe, with great story easy to pick up and will make you jump time and again... you will want to play this...

    recommending it for being a good game would be an understatement... you don't play this game you survive it...

  3.  Awesome


    I have the bluetooth version of this and the sound clarity on that one is amazing... comfort is far better than i could ever have imagined...
    unlike most head sets that go in the ear this is so comfortable that it is hardly even noticable yet at the same time you never forget its there...
    in short it doesn't irritate, or is too tight that it hurts or annoys... nor is it too loose that you have to constantly keep fiddling about with it to adjust the position

    anyone who wants quality and comfort at a fair and very reasonable price... this is for u, those who want a cheap and nasty P.O.S. that don't mind the crackling in ur ear or it breaking get a flimsy one elsewhere... but you will regret not buying this one i guarantee you :)

  4.  very good value


    wish mine was this price back when i got mine... i paid out 50 quid although i brought it not long after release, still works too however i just lost the USB stick and don't know how much for a replacement or who to contact...

    with that said, if wireless is what u want then this is good for the money... but if u lose things that aren't nailed down or things that are then i would say go for a wired equivalent

  5.  excelence


    I've been playing the resident evil games since the 1st release on the old PS1, and regardless of some niggling issues with each of them they each kept me far more entertained to be a loyal fan of teh series... with that said, resident evil 5... is by far no resident evil 1-Code veronica... having moved away from the zombie story like RE4 but don't let that put you off, as 5 is awesomely done and with a co-op mode and other features it will keep you coming back for more time and time again... both me and my friend have played this amazing adaptation on co-op mode approximately 30 times on easy, normal and hard, we're currently going thru the pro mode...
    but with the extra additions of the gold edition i've decided that as soon as can get the cash im gona buy that version also :D

    the other thing i like about 5 tho is the shear ease in being able to play straight away... aiming is more responsive, although playing on a controller never does a game justice but 5 seems to have ignored that issue...

    highly recommend....

  6.  Awsome


    just finished playing the demo of what i feel is an amazing game, by far the best that city interactive have made.. i alwasy felt City games lacked what most teh more seasoned games manufacturers had, but at the same time released decent games for anyone with a strict budget. Sniper GW though from the demo anyways reminded me of a classic Sniper Elite but with teh effects and quality of CoD4 and Bad Company 2.. it challenges you and makes u want to try a more stealthy way around ur objectives even if it means u have to resist the urge to run in guns blazing... definitely buying the full game, awsome :)

  7. Risen


    PC Games

    4 New from  £10.99  Free delivery

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     awsome game


    very indepth rpg, with an intense story and gameplay that go very well with the genre. personally im not a rpg fan tbh and for a game to grab my attention for as long as this has it has to be damned good, and this has everything it needs to be gr8 and then some... i found some glitches that occur sometimes but then what game doesnt have them nowadays... n these are things that yeah u notice but would ignore due to teh engrossing story and sheer addictiveness of the game itself... it will have u glued to the game for hours, days even weeks. i can assure u it is not a "oh i just completed that in a few hours, what a waste of money" type of game... im still playing for over a week now n it feels like im no where near completion... definitely buy the game its awsome

  8.  Excellent


    i've had 1 of these since 2-3 years ago when i upgraded, and when friends told me to spend that bit extra to get a more expensive card, i look at this an say why bother, i paid less than they did and i got a card that does all i need and excellent sound. best in my book that is value for money, i highly recommend :D so will be foregoing the purchace of a soundblaster n gettin another 1 of these for my new system :)