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  1. Skate 2

    Skate 2


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     Skate 2


    Ok the first thing i found with this game is that the controls are incredably hard sometimes and takes quite a while to get the hang of. But other then that it really is a great game.

    If you like skating games then this is for you, its loads better than Tony Hawks games and the movement off the board is a very nice touch and just adds to the experience and realism of the game.

    I highly recomend this to anyone who is seeking to have fun 10/10.

  2.  Resident Evil 5


    Ok the first thing i have to say is WOW.

    This is a truely unbeleivable follow up to the 4th edition, the gameplay is amazing and so realistic. I expecially like the new guns they brought into the game they are really good.

    The graphics are so realistic its quite scary, the shadowing of the players makes it more realistic as well and the new movement has improved the smoothness of the gameplay as well, for example you can now walk sideways instead of doing that weird shuffleing thing.

    If you like Zombie games and shooting games then you really do need to buy this one as it is truely amazing and will keep you entertained for hours upon hours. Also its replayable as well so you dont get bored after you completed it in one difficulty.

    I highly recomend this game and the price is good as well, truely a bargain.... Have Fun!

  3.  NFS Undercover


    Wow what a game...

    The graphics are really good are the gameplay has inproved dramatically... for instense when you are driving really fast the image blurs abit like it would do in real life wich makes it more realistic and also the AI cars finally crash!

    That is really funny to see when your racing seeing the computer actually crash for a change instead of finishing th race in emaculate condition, that makes it more realistic.

    Over i'll give it 10/10 for being such a great game... which is good considering i own every NFS game out there so i know my syuff when it comes to these games;)

  4.  Black Dualshock 3 Controller


    Amazing... it makes games so much better to play because it makes you feel more like your inside the actual game.

    Like on Fifa 09 for instense when you hit the post of crossbar then the controller vibrates and when you get injured it vibrates as well. Also in NFS Undercover, when you crash and brake sharply it vibrates making it feel like your in the car.

    Overall i would give this 10/10 for being such a great thing in such a small way... very good:)

  5.  Juiced 2


    I was looking forward for this game and was highly dissapointed.... It just copies the like of NFS and Burnout.

    I hated it, the first was miles better and since i thought the first was good i exspected the second to be even better but it wasnt.

    If you are going to buy it buy it with caution as it gets very boring.

  6.  Dead Space


    Well what a great game i bought this for my brother for christmas and he loved it... He is always on it and can't get off. He told me to play it as well so thats what i did and found it an amazing experience to play this game.

    The graphics are really good and the realism is good as well, i've been playing this game for about 3 days and find it truely amazing. Its able to compete with Resident Evil but as you would aspect it dosen't succeed.

    But overall it really is a great entertaining game, fun to watch people playing it and fun to play... Overall I would give it 9/10 becuase there is things to improve on but it dosent effect the way to game is.

    Highly reccomended, Great price as well... BUY IT!

  7.  Guitar Hero 4: World Tour


    Wow... Great game, if your a guitar hero fan this is a must have. The new features are a great addition to the game, the drums are amazing, very realistic and arn't loud when hit. The guitar is really good the tapping strip is a very nice addition and works wvery well.

    I recommend this on the PS3 or the Xbox 360 as the gameplay and graphics are much better. Guitar Hero have really out done themselfs on this game... well done!

    If you were thinking about getting rockband or waiting for rockband 2 then don't becuase this is miles better, i purchased rockband 2 from america and i liked it but its not as good as Guitar Hero.

    If you are wanting this for christmas then get it for your kids or ask for it from your parents as its a great gift to have and it is at a reasonable price too... only £149.99.

    If you found this helpful than please state.

  8.  FIFA 09


    First i have to say... Amazing. The gameplay is so much smoother and better for example the way the goalkeeper reacts to save have improved like when the keeper is in a one on one situation he tries to save it with his legs if he dives the wrong way.

    The graphocs are imense there is so much realism on and off the pitch, in manager mode the setting out is better and as for be a pro wow what an improvemnt.

    I would have to say fifa has truely out done themselfs, this year i really think its better than pro, pro has alos copied fifa's idead of be a pro and just named it be a legend. That shows me that they have nothing else to improve but that a lie here are loads of things pro needs to do to the games.

    The only thing missing from fifa is the way you celebrate when you win a trophy, like it should allow you to have the stage and the confetti and fireworls and the medal givings and the group photo with the cup.

    If they done this it would be perfect... Great game, great buy, gerat value and great fun to play.

    Well done fifa...10/10.

    If you found this review helpful please state.

  9.  Call of Duty 5: World at War


    A great game, great value for money as well. The Graphics are amazing much better than cod4, but the only thing is i think the gameplay is better on cod4 as on cod5 you die too easily and the guns are very hard to use at first, you will need an attachment before you get the kills rolling in.

    But if you like war games this is deffently a good buy as for starters it is set in world war 2 so as you expect the realism should be good and its better than that its amazing.

    The best things of all are the new features like sending out dogs... they are so funny to see people getting eaten by them, plus the idea of being able to control vechiles thats a really good idea.

    I thought this game was going to be rubbish because its not made by the same people that made cod4 but i was absolutly wrong, its amazing, but once again not better than cod4.

    If you are thinking of getting this as a christmas present or just to play then its deffently worht the money...9.9/10.

    Hope this has been useful to all you cod fans out there;)


  10.  Call of Duty 4


    The makers of call of duty have really out done thereselves here, the game play is amazing. The graphics are truely spectacular better than the xbox 360. The single player mode is by far better than any previous call of duty game, the realism of the weapons are really good. The fireing of the weapons are more realistic as the recoil is good and plus when you fire a sniper it throws your shoulder back.

    As for the online play well.. You wouldnt find any better game for online play thats for sure, so far i have not yet found any thing wrong with it. Yeah sure there are a few glitches but that makes it even more fun to play. Just make sure you watch out for the hackers on the game, because they cheat and you will never win if your on the opposing team.

    Anyway if your thinking of buying this game then you should its really good value for money and never gets boring.

    Thanks... Please say wheather this was useful to anyone.