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  1.  dead or alive you will buy these films


    The first to films were 5 stars in my opinion and the third was worth watching peter weller was the best actor for murphy/ robo awesome affects and good action in all three films number two was especially good as caines cyborg was awesome must buy for robo fans

  2.  What?


    I'm sorry was this meant to be based on the absolutely amazing video game series?

  3.  Get It BOOOOYYYY


    Four legendary horror films all in one cool sphere shaped box set what more could you ask for if your a fan of the franchise like me then get it boy

  4.  WOW


    this game in my opinion after being a resident evil and dino crisis loyal after all these years stole the spotlight for me this game scared the living hell out of me playing it in the house alone all in the dark so cool hurry up with the sequel

  5.  OK


    Lets face it no matter how good the remake is its never gonna be better than the original i dont know why they bother just make more sequels not remakes and it frustrates me that they are making a sequel to the remake the only thing that makes this ok is that its by rob zombie who is a legend but il never know what posessed him and the cast e.g. Danielle harris malcolm mcdowell, brad dourif etc

  6.  briliant


    Halloween is my favourite horror film of all time every halloween film is five stars in my opinion apart from number eight as this one was pants micheal myers has to live on please bring more films not remakes.

  7.  place your bets


    I was so excited when i went to see this film and it didn't dissapoint it also cleared up the story front that was so confusing in jason x as freddy v jason is based before jason x so that answered my questions on how jason got the hell out of hell but please hurry up with the sequel for crying out loud no more bloody remakes

  8.  the final friday " as if "


    When i first saw this jason film at the start i was so shocked i thought can it be jason is actually dead no jason can't die but again he came back just in a different way which was very cool the dvd is the directors cut version to the film which is very graphical with the deaths which of course for jason fans is cool a must have for jason fans.

  9.  its jason vorhees in a box set how cool


    A chance to get all the first eight films all in one it will save a lot of space and effort every jason film is quality for obvious reasons if you haven't seen any friday films you haven't enterd the slasher world of films and you have to.

  10.  get to the chopper to buy this dvd


    Both pred films are awesome they have great deaths, awesome affects from predator and very good actors in both films like arnie and glover.