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  1.  Dull


    Like most shooters this generation, they really seemed to try and revamp this. Sadly i got bored after 90 minutes and put it in the draw with Destiny.

  2.  A fantastic shooter


    As a huge bioshock fan I was disappointed by the departure of rapture; the environment in the previous two games was fantastic.

    With a new game comes a new world - gameplay is very similar to previous 2K games, although the combination between guns and powers is not as smooth as it should be.

    The game is fantastic overall and it is only small gripes with progression that mark in down from 5 to 4 stars. The game is far more story focused than the previous two games, which in gameplay terms means you spend more time doing nothing. Other small things like having no access to a level map or being unable to carry health or salts is frustrating. You are dependant on Elizabeth who can be very slow and leave you trapped because "she can't find anything at the moment". Her AI is excellent but part of me wonders what is the point of having an AI; everything she does i used to do myself in bioshock and would rather do my self in infinite.

    As a story driven shooter, this is five stars, no questions. But as a fan of bioshock it can never live up to the expectations the previous two games placed on its shoulders.

    Conclusion - if you bothered to read this review, BUY THE GAME because you will love it.

  3.  Fantastic


    I struggle to understand where the bad rating are coming from. Whether other games are better or not should have no impact on this. The single player has a great (but rather short) storyline and online is excellent.

    Modern warfare is a fantastic chain of games. How do you improve perfection. This game is a must for any shooter fan.

  4.  Surprisingly good


    No one would say i was a fan of these "teens with powers" films but i was pleasantly surprised.
    After being disappointed by films like i am number four, or the very poor covenant i was not expecting much from this but i was entertained for most of the film. The story line was pleasing and some of the effects were great. it also managed to pull off the "what would you do?" question successfully.

    Looking at the bigger picture, its a film you forget after you've seen it but for a short 80 or so minutes, it will keep you entertained

  5.  Make sure its needed


    Giving this 3 stars is a little harsh but necessary. The controller does exactly what it is meant to, perfectly. No one can fault that. Based on that alone this deservies 5 out of 5.

    I am only giving it 3 stars for factors out of its control.
    Firstly, hardly any games actually need the device, making it a little unnecessary.
    Secondly (the most fustrating reason) i am left handed, making all the controls completly reversed. The button layout was made for the left hand (where the right hand holds the motion controller). Being left-handed means controlling the device in game is very difficult.

    I feel unfairly victimised!

  6.  Best PS move game


    The shooting mode on the game is great, it responds well, recacts to the gun, no one can fault that area. There are two key faults with it though.

    Reloading - someone made a mistake in the design because the reload and shield button is unreachable making reaction time a bit too slow.
    Story mode - This obviously requires the navigation device, which i dont have. With out it, the mode is absolutly useless and unplayable.

    Do not get this game unless you plan on owning the PS move and navigation controller, they are essential to get the most out of it.

  7.  A fantastic start to the "final trilogy"


    I love the wheel of time. Best get that out of the way because i would probably give a book 5 stars simply because of the series and not for the actual book.

    With the Gathering Storm that is not the case. This is a fantastic start to the "final trilogy". The book focus' on Rand Al'Thor and Egwene Al'Vere. I presume it will move onto the other major characters (Mat and Perrin and Elayne) in the next book.

    This book FINALLY has a story that looks like there is going to be an ending for the series. The huge problem with the series was that it appeared Robert Jordan did not know how to finish it. That is shown in books 6-10 of the series. They tend to drift on and lose any form of plot.

    Now that Robert Jordan has passed on Brandon Sanderson took over and has done a fantastic job. The great news is that this book finally brings some sort of finality to the series. The bad news in you do need to read books 6-10 to know what is going on.

    In short, The series in fantastic, but losings some stars in the middle. This book brings the series back to its best.
    I can not wait for the final two book to come out. Anyone looking to purchase this would probably feel the same.

  8.  A good album with good 90's music


    I felt a need to write a review because the low star rating is undeserved. For those who love 90's dance music, the is an excellent buy.
    The problems people have is thats it is basically the same songs as any other 90s album. This is true but ignores the fact that these are good songs and would do well in any collection.

    The songs are great and the albulm its self deserves 5 stars. Those looking for something with 90s originality will not find it here but that should be obvious from the song list they see prior to buying.

  9.  Enjoyable game to play


    This is a very good game. Basically another button bashing, charge though hoardes of minions to reach a boss type.

    The only down fall i found with it was the backround noise. As you probably know, its set in hell. And they went all out the make it seem "hellish". My fault is that after 10 hours of playing it the constant screaming in the backround just gets annoying.

    Overall the game is long enough for it not to feel like a ripoff, its pretty enjoyable and the leeling up is good fun.

    I would give it a high 3 or a low 4.

  10.  Don't be fooled by the title


    No matter what you think of greek mythology or the film this game is based on, do not be fooled into buyinh this. Even at a low price it is just not worth it.
    My theory was, seeing as god of war is basically a rip off of the clash of the titans story then this game would probably be a rip off of god of war.
    IT'S NOT!!!
    The game play is awful, the characters have no personality, the graphics are an insult to next gen gaming, the feel of the game is very repetitive. It is just an all round unplesant experience.

    Also, i brought this game because i was looking for a co-op to play with friends. The co-op is non existant. You have to do simgle player for about 2 hours before you unlock a character for the second player. Even then, it isnt worth the wait.
    The co-op option comes so close to faulse advertising i find it a shock that the makers got away from it.

    I can not stress more - STAY AWAY FROM THIS GAME!!!