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  1.  Great!!


    Being a big sandler fan, i had high expectations for this film. Certainly not let down. I found myself laughing throughout, typical sandler jokes and shenanigans! Ok on the face of it the plot seems a bit a daft, but what sandler film isnt? My only criticism would be that it is a bit long, but that can be forgiven, i didnt exactly fall asleep of boredom! Up there with the sandler classics, a must watch!

  2.  El lobo


    Wow what a great film. one of a few films that kept me on the edge of my seat throughout. A clever film that really gives an in-sight into the goings on of the terrorist group ETA. I would strongly recommend this film, dont be put off by the forreign language.

  3.  Hilarious


    Being a big simpsons fan i was very excited about this film and saw it at the cinema at the first possible opportunity. Without a doubt it was worth the wait and all the anticipation! It is a very creative and imaginative film that kept me laughing throughout! I do see this as a film and not several episodes bung together, afterall it has a plot that is always going somewhere. Ok the second half isnt as good or as funny as the first, but its still entertaining. Its still the simpsons. The only downside for me is that much of the plot and also a lot of the funny moments were given away in the trailers. however this is still a big hit for me and will continue watching it over and over again! An absolute must for simpsons fans.

  4.  Not bad


    This is a decent action film but its just too farfetched for me. Good acting on all parts and really well made, i just feel the plot lets itself down. If your like me and not a fan of sci fi farfetchness, then avoid. However if you are a bit more openminded and imaginative (and like your action), then this is your film.

  5.  Brilliant.


    This is a great album from rihanna. I still havent got tired of it, it just has everything. Songs ranging from rnb to more upbeat songs like 'dont stop the music'. The lyrics hit home as theyre easy to relate to, yet great to sing along to. She has a great voice and even collaborates with other great artists such as ne-yo and jay-z. A rare album as there just isnt a bad song! A must buy.

  6.  Awful.


    I was really excited when i ordered and received this catapult however the excitement soon turned to dissapointment. First of all the 75 included water balloons are terrible. Once me and my friends had filled and tied them up, they just burst as soon as we put them down on the ground. so we decided to buy our own balloons from a local shop and they were much better. however it was then the catapult that let us down as we went to test it out. We followed the limited instructions on the box but just couldnt get it to work. On firing it would get tangled and sometimes come back and hit you in the face. Not fun at all. Out of 10 attempts only 3 worked, and even then it only went 10 metres or so. not as described. Very poor catapult, dont waste your money!!

  7. Angles


    Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip - CD

    Available  used  from  £5.78



    These two guys are two very talented individuals who combine to make amazing music. Each song is a story that really makes you think. I heard 'thou shalt not kill' on the radio then bought the album as soon as it was released. What i like most is that each song is different from the last. with a different story. Great beats and amazing lyrics, recommend this to anyone who fancies a breath of fresh air! Fantastic.

  8.  Fantastic


    This is a truely great film. The drama had me gripped and amazed all the way through. Usually im not great with long films but the green mile is the only exception. The acting is spot on, another cracking film by tom hanks. Highly recommend this to anyone and everyone, one of my personal favourites.

  9.  random, but hilarious!!!


    this film made me laugh so much! Adam sandler plays a classic character however my favourite from the film has to be the dog! some of the things the dog says just had me in stiches. a really well made film with some great acting on all parts. A classic sandler film, an absolute must for all fans of his!!

  10.  A great album but not their best.


    In all honesty i was really dissapointed when i first heard this album. i felt the album was too commercial/poppy, just not what we have come to expect from trio. however I stuck with the album and it grew on me so much, now i love it. I wasnt a huge fan of crimson so i was really hoping this album was an improvement; it really is. dont be put off by negative reviews, yes its a bit different, but its still alkaline trio. Great album.