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  1.  A must-have for hardcore RPG fans!


    The Witcher 2 revitalises some classic RPG aspects as it sets Geralt of Rivia out on an adventure to solve the mystery of the assassins of kings. The storyline is in-depth and, unlike other modern RPGs, the dialogue sequences are interesting and fun. The combat is very challenging and a bit 'clunky' to begin with, but is extremely rewarding when you master it. You will find yourself being killed a few times towards the start of the game, but when you get to grips with the combat system you will find fights progressively more fun. The only downside to the game is the longevity - including side quests it will take around 30-40 hours to complete. However there are achievements and new challenges on the 'dark' difficulty mode, including 3 new sets of cursed armour which will prove difficult to get hold of. Overall, I would recommend this game to the majority of RPG fans, but beware it is not for the light-hearted; and will prove frustrating at the beginning but if you stick it out you will have one of the best RPG experiences of the year.

  2.  Good fun


    This game is a very fast paced first person shooter with a unique combat system which largely includes the use of 'skill shots' to get more points per kill. There are a huge variety of different skill shots scattered throughout the game which will both challenge and entertain the user. The environments are lush, varied and well designed however there is a limitation to how much free roaming the user can do, like most FPS games. There are also additional missions to complete once you have finished the main storyline called 'echoes', and there is an online mode too. One thing to mention about the online mode at this point in time however is that there aren't many people still playing it, therefore users will likely suffer connection issues and usually lagg. Overall i would recommend this game to any first person shooter fan, and it will definitely keep you going for 20+ hours, especially with the edge of the skillshot system and separate echo missions on top of the storyline.

  3.  Amazing


    Lord of the Rings has to be my favourite book trilogy, Tolkiens method of writing makes the reader eager to continue reading page after page and the descriptions for the world and characters throughout the book are unmatched. For anyone who has seen the film i would highly reccommend also reading the book since there is inevitably pieces of the story which had to be cut out of the film. The Lord of the Rings will keep readers satisfied for a long time time and you couldn't ask for more bang for your buck.

    Excellent - 5/5.

  4.  Pure brilliance


    This is my favourite book to date. The hobbit takes readers on an amazingly intuitive journey from the Shire to the Lonely Mountain. Its a journey of mystery, magic and danger with Bilbo Baggins & a company of dwarves in search of stolen treasure!
    I would reccommend this for any LOTR fan or a new reader for that matter, it would also serve well as a storybook for children to either be read by them or to them.
    This version of the book is filled with exciting illustrations which support the main story and give readers more of a key into Tolkien's amazing world. This is a must-read & readily deserves 5/5 stars!

  5.  good expansion minus operation anchorage


    When i first looked at the downloadable content packs for fallout 3 i thought Operation Anchorage looked right up my street - i was very wrong, apart from the spoils you receive after you complete the expansion i found the storyline very very linear, boring and too short. Its a shame both of these expansions are on the same disc since it has brought down my overall score for the combination: - with this said The Pitt proved to be fairly enjoyable and had a stronger stroyline while sacraficing some free-roamability (nothing you would find it OA anyway). As i mentioned before there is some good loot to be found in both of these expansions, especially The Pitt and the storyline and character encounters are also pretty good in The Pitt too. They seem to have really worked on the landscape and cityscape in The Pitt and also included some pretty cool new weapons you can get your hands on. I would really reccommend The Pitt but not so much Operation Anchorage, for those xbox live gold users who are willing to buy point cards i would suggest choosing that option to avoid Operation Anchorage unless you are really a diehard fallout 3 fan.

  6.  both really good expansions


    These two expansions are an excellent addition to fallout 3 and in an easy to install compact disc. Broken Steel continues the storyline of the original game whilst raising the level cap to 30 amongst other things; whilst Point Lookout provides players with a whole new completely free-roaming area to explore. The spoils from both are fairly good and the storyline in PL is srong however i only gave this expansion pack 4/5 simply because i felt the gameplay was a little too linear like the rest of the game and fairly drab, the character encounters are also very samey and unexciting and the music tracks are dissapointing. Other than that i would reccommend gamers who enjoy the full game to purchase this expansion.

  7.  Amazing!


    One of my favourite books of all time, extremely innovative writing style makes you feel as if you were there. Brilliant, touching stories throughout - a must read!!

  8.  Brilliant!


    My friend introduced me to this game a couple of months ago and i was blown away!! I had played RTS games before but they had been on my xbox 360 and admittedly this was the first real time strategy game i had played on the PC, nonetheless it was still amazing! The setting and the interface is extremely well designed and thoroughly enjoyable. The only thing i might warn customers of is it may seem a little difficult and daunting at first, however once you get to grips with it, the satisfaction is palpable! I would also reccommend the sequel 'Stronghold: Crusader'!!

  9.  One of the best movies ever made!


    Watched this movie recently and was thoroughly impressed! it shows an interesting insight into native American culture and has an extremely compelling story. Kevin Costner plays the part well, as does the rest of the cast and will have you in tears it is so gripping! Has to be one of the most epic movies i have ever seen and i would heavily reccommend!
    5 *s!!!

  10.  An excellent read


    This is a phenomenal book in an extrodinary trilogy, and has proved to be one of the best books i have ever read. It is certainly my favourite book within the trilogy and i am planning to read it again at some point too! I would heavily reccommend this book for all readers, especially those with a great imagination!
    5 stars!!!