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  1.  Forget Modern warfare 2- THIS IS THE GAME TO GO FOR


    Played modern warfare2, over hyped,and not as good as the first modern warfare.Left 4 dead was revolutionary when it came out last year,However,got left 4 dead 2 on day of release,what can i say!.
    the action is immense,intense,the graphis are slick,loads of gore.the single player is great with A.I.but when you go online with friends thats when it heats up even on normal its a zombie feast,theres loads of them and with new special infected,jockey,charger,splitter.
    the chat in the game is classic,very very,witty and full of banter,the music,everything about this game is way better than cod mw2,in my opinion anyway.Valve have done it again,you really do feel as if youre trying to survive a zombie holocost,and the new setting of the deep south adds to the atmosphere,the carnival campaign is brilliant with a great ending,must also mention new mele weapons,chopping axe,samurai sword,frying pans,crow bars,then grenade launchers,boomer bile and adrenaline jabs,loads of stuff.
    gameplay: 9/10
    graphics: 9/10
    online: 10/10
    longevity: 9/10
    5 star..................buy,you wont be dissapointed....

  2.  As good as it gets! Best racer available today


    In response to bareosake......what level did he do that on,hard? with all aids off,if so hats off mate ,because you should be a F1 driver.However i do agree with him graphics are great,gameplay great,slick menu systems,certainly a masterpiece,i slated forza 2,but what a comeback the ultimate driving game at the moment.Play on hard with all aids of and believe me this game is far from easy,my only complaint is the AI,why oh why do they persist in ramming off the track and brake at silly points.other than that i give forza 3 10 out of 10 a classic!



    I have to agree with all previous reviews,you guys are spot on.
    I was going to give this a miss,but after checking out other reviews online went and got copy on day of release.
    First impressions sre very slick intros,and screen presentation,then after starting the first mission,which is like a training/tutorial,you begin to very quickly realise this is not a run around 100mph cod shooter,its all about real time tactics and using terrain you feel immersed straight away,you really do get the feeling your in a firefight the a.i. Is spot on and thats on normal.the speech and interaction feels as if your in the army,granted lets remember its just a game,but how good is this! Fantastic.ive only got to mission 2,which i started as online co-op with my brother,what can i say......fantastic even better,get 3 pals and this is a full on 4player tactical all day extravaganza classic stuff,it reminded me off the first ghost recon on the xbox 8 year ago,but in high def,no lag,the graphics are sublime.
    All in all,if you like a challenge rather than the usual stuff,and unlike cod where the whole enemy only shoot at you,and non of your squad then all of a sudden you get new squad mates just spawning out of no where???...on of dragon rising,if you get shot you bleed,if you dont call medic,you die.....simple as,same for you squad mates.theres so much i could get into about this game.....
    Graphics 9/10
    Gameplay 10/10
    Online 10/10
    Buy......you will love it



    ok,i know they just release it every year and we all buy it,and they closed down the servers for 06 and 07,but all nfl junkies ,me included love madden's.the new gang tackle and fumble recovery is great,you have to press buttons in sequence to get the ball,brilliant!,adds more spice to on field play,make sure you protect that ball .the choice to slow the game down makes it much more realistic rather than 200 mph stuff,you can actually find a gap when running.the graphics and presentation is like they say what you see on a sunday,brilliant. loads of gameplay options never boring and lasts for ages.ie;franchise,superstar.and the online co-op is well overdue,on defence prees the a button and the gangtackling is class,you can hammer the ball carrier,great stuff.so to sum up hours of great fun and satisfaction.brilliant.also not to mention the soundtrack,at least this one is more representative of hard hitting football,no garbage indie or rap.its iron maiden,nirvana,R.A.T.M.pantera,slipknott + more and public enemy [shut em down]! class. not forgetting the sam spence madden theme tunes. 5/5 brilliant, best yet.



    Having played brian lara's on xbox and 360 i thought this ashes 2009 would have better A.I. If you like arcade style cricket then go for it,however if you like a decent challenge and want the test matches to represent sim style then forgrt it.Playing the ashes on NORMAL,i scored 354 for 2 by 2pm on the first day then declared i bowled the aussies out twice 77 and 103 by the end of play? whats all that about codemasters? all you have to do is pack the off side field and bowl off stump you get catches all the time. very poor and easy to beat.I have now put it on HARD level to see if its any better or more realistic.so far seems to be ok,and i forgot to mention the massive glitch with the run outs, at least 4 of my wickets every innings are run outs? ONLINE i have played 3 games and the lag is awful when the bowler bowls it pauses then delivers how can you time it? So overall... graphics 8/10 realism 1/10 gameplay 8/10 arcade 9/10 online 3/10 sorry codemasters you need to get the A.I and realism sorted

  6.  FORGET THE XBOX 360 ... i had 4


    OK,lets get one thing straight,I had 4 YES 4 360's all RROD,microsoft were useless,each one they sent back was a different one and THEY ALL crashed,so i cancelled my xbox live account,another rip off,got the 60gb ps3 from when it came out,ive had it a year and a half,still as quiet,no hardware probs,as for games well,depends what you want really just the same graphics as 360,some better some worse! BLUE-RAY now we are talking fantastic and my tv is 720p not 1080p awsome! controllers,recharge from ps3,NO BATTERY needed,The only advantage 360 had for me was the online play hence the yearly payment chatting and private chat was brilliant,but hey thats about it,PSN is getting there soon it will be better than microsoft and its FREE,if you want my opinion,and trust me i know, go for PS3....

  7.  CLASSIC 5 5 STAR


    Fantastic! Addictive,Fast,Smooth and much more interesting than forza2.Ive played em all forza 1 forza 2 and pgr 2,3 and 4.All good games,but isnt forza 2 boring buy a car soup it up and go round and round.PGR 4 street racingan you race what youve got,and the WEATHER! SNOW ICE rain fog the lot.how can some people say its crap they must be boring like forza2 ANYWAY buy and you wont be dissapointed this is the best of the lot along with mcrae dirt