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  1.  Average


    Average game, boring and samey! Seems to be more about engaging the enemy than sneaking round the enemy which i thought defeated the object of the game which is to get to the vantage point without being spotted but who is going to spot you when you have to cap everyone to get past them! X-ray killcam is a party piece novelty designed to sell more copies of the game. Overall a game that had potiental but by the third mission you will be bored out of your mind! Story isnt really that complelling either

  2.  Good Story, Bad Online


    I have been playing this game now for a few weeks since release and all i can say is the story is a bit confusing but engrossing and enjoyable, but the online is soooo inferior to Modern Warfare 2 so if your buying this to just play online i would stick with MW2 and save your cash, but if your interested in the story as well its worth a go

  3.  Better Late than Never


    I never thought they were going to do this, i was about to buy the seperate ones. I wanted them to release a box set but they milked the seperate ones for all they were worth before they brought these out

  4.  Comedy?!


    This movie is great movie, and people saying it isnt funny?! its not meant to be a comedy! its a drama i think if this was a comedy then Jim Carrey would probably have done some wacky stuff!

  5.  BUY REGION 1


    I bought this from american from playusa.com and i got it now for £34.99, and you get it NOW! instead of having to wait till christmas, and you can guarentee that the special features will be poor compared to the American version

  6.  Bargin!


    I managed to get at £2.99 before play jacked up the price to a fiver and i must say the best £3 i ever spent, totally hilarious and gory, the bit where david got ripped apart was totally gross. At £5 still an exellent bargin, BUY IT!!!