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  1.  Funny


    Ok its pretty useless but what a laugh. You turn it on and you can get the shock of your life and you can compeite against your friends to see who can go up to the highest. A funny gadget for a bit of a laugh

  2.  !! Great Game !!


    This is a great boxing game. I do not really wacth boxing and this is the first boxing game i have ever had. I was amazed when i found out that it was actually a really good game. Graphics are good for the PSP. It is worth £14.99 so if you have the money and are looking for a good Boxing game this is the game for you!

  3.  A good game


    This is a good game and would but for £9.99. Its not as good as football games which are on the PS2 bu thats only because theres more buttons on the PS2.

  4.  Not the best but good


    A good game but not the best of the SSX's i would buy it for £10 im not sure about £14.99 if you have the money buy it. If you dont have any of the SSX's i would recomnd that you buy SSX tricky first

  5.  Ok


    This game is a walk threw the park when you know what you have to do it took my about one and a half days to complete. Graphics are not good when your quite far away from buildings they just look like grey blocks. Deffitly not worth £24.99 maybe for £15. If your looking for a game which is going to last you this is NOT the game. Maybe you might just want it out for 3 days but i would not buy this as you would soon get bored of it

  6.  Not the best


    This is not the best of the Tiger woods as its a lot harder you start of and its hard as you are a very bad player on on Tourments. If your playing as two player this is good and would recomd it. A good but all so bad game

  7.  Soooo disaponted Dont buy


    If you ask me i would say DONT BUY THIS. I have theme park world and though that was great how you made you won theme park and made your own rollercoasters. On rollercoaster world though its completly differnt and just not worth the time. Instead of getting this get theme park world and if you have got theme park world stick to that. Im sure if you get the hang of it and you get stuck in to it though it will be a great game to play on

  8.  Good


    A good game but was expecting better I would buy this but for no more than £15 graphics arnt gr8 but game play is good

  9.  Good but boring


    This is a good game and you can enjoy it but it can get really boring after a while think about it what is actually that fun about running up a wall and tryin to do stunts on the PS2 in real life it would probley be pretty cool but dangerous.

  10.  A good game


    This game is a good game but a extremly hard game to understand. I think that if you wacth and know about amcerian football this is the game for you