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  1.  to hard for its own good....


    after reading all the great reviews about this game ,i went out and bought it.what a mastake.for starters this games controls are annoying and over the top from joy pad more suited to pc.trying to issue a simple command to your fellow AI wen you come under attack is complete nightmare and stupid AI just stand ther or run line of fire.way to complex.why coundnt they made the controls like ghost recon? i will never now and the fact that the enemy can kill you with one shot from a mile away.no auto healing like other games makes this game pure hardcore sim ...no fun what so ever took it stright back...bring on modern warefare 2 the king fps games and fun tooooo

  2.  poor museum


    very poorly put together apart from the live arcade games that have been remade and revamped.thats why the game is split in to menus all the old retro stuff i.e rolling thunder which i loved dont run full screen no extra options poor lazy conversion and annoying loading times no classic from ther great archive like pacland etc would have been great.if your after a old school gameing collection on xbox360 get the megadrive collection.simple the best lets hope capcom collection wont be as bad as this.

  3.  sf4 classic........


    Capcom have out done it again.simply the best beat em up. Ever must have game..........

  4.  50 cent .........


    Solid fun shoot em up whic becomes repetive very fast. Looks nice has nice controls nothing more. It has great sound track and unlockble 50cent vids whic is nice touch.only 9 levels last level is probly the worst.must have if you are 50 cent fan......

  5.  gameing at its best......


    Ah the good old days.yes we know sega keep releaseing the same old complations but who i am i to complaine wen they stick one of my fav games from 80,s shionbi yes i cant get belive its on ther and in full screen.plus all the other great games this is a must for all retro heads like me.cant wait for next one hopefuly more sega classic this time.....

  6.  adam sandler at his best...


    This film is so funny it does have its boring bits like every other movie but dont let it put you off its classic must have movie ..so many funy gags...i just want to cut and style hair and do the bing bang bong...lol adam sandler his the best

  7.  red alert 3.....


    Got this yesterday and haveing played the other two c&c games on the 360, the controls and the interface never felt quite right .took a chance red alert 3 knowing it has all star cast.the game realy has great opening realy works well on the pad so easy to pick up and play spent the next 5 hours online playing co-op in story mode.the fmv are the best yet. This feels like c & c genreals .if like me you fancy a break from all those fps games and want something new and fresh this is the game probly the best one so far...



    This is buy far the best bond game ever since goldeneye. All thanks to trearch . The cod4 engine is amazing in fact ther so much action i havent been able to put this down.yes ther ant many gagagets but they wanted to keep this simple and not bore people.thers bits cod4 and goldeneye in ther.even the level design is great.the mulitplayer has over 14 maps plus 8 diffrent game modes.a classic in the makeing

  9.  pro evo rock solid.....


    Dont judge this game buy the demo.i have had fifa 09 for a while now great presentation,looks nice great game.but pro evo 2009 takes this to the next level. The game play and the amount of detail,the weather effects,the grass,the players even the ball phyisics details are stunning.the poor thing in this game is the menus.must have footy game.get both......

  10. FIFA 09

    FIFA 09

    Nintendo DS

    4 New from  £11.98  Free delivery

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     fifa does again..........


    Cant belive my eyes this is so amazing .so good i cant put it down.best footy game on the ds,even has commentry great graphics much better then pro evo.........