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  1.  dina dina dina dina spiderman, oops BATMAN :D


    omg this demo was amazing, if the whole game is like this then its going to be a good contender for GOTY for me giving games like uncharted 2 and MW2 a run for their money.

    the controls and combat are so simple yet so effective, you can take on a group of 5 enemies with such precision it makes you feel unstopable and makes you feel like you are batman.

    as i mentioned the controls are a dream to use, moving around the enviroment couldnt be easier you walk as a main movement having to hold x to run which i preffer, the use of the batarang is simple also L1 to aim R1 to throw wot could be easier ?

    the graphics are amazing aswell and the detail is outstanding ive seen some videos from trailers but i chose to skip the vids in the demo untill i get the full game, also little bits of detail add to the whole game like if you knock out an enemy you will see them unconcious on the floor but you will also see their chest moving showing that they are still breathing now how many games add this detail, its only small but adds alot of depth.

    the voices aswell are top notch mark hamill as the joker just doesnt get any better, its good to have all the original voice cast from the cartoons doing the game.

    i cannot wait untill august the 28th but untill then ....................

    dina dina dina dina BATMAN LOL

  2.  a great film, a solid 5 stars.


    i watched this film knowing nothing about the background of the watchmen but after the film its made me want to read the comics and such to get a better insight to the characters.

    ive seen alot of ppl complaining about the movie, now ppl i know its hard to have to switch your brain on and pay attention but its well worth it, some ppl will watch this movie expecting xmen and super humans well stop rite there if you are because its a much more plot driven film with the only real superhero being Dr manhatan, there are fight and action scenes which are very well done and the special effects are amazing (especialy when Dr manhatan only has to look at sum1 and they explode)

    the characters are solid but leave you wanting to know more of their background as i mentioned it made me want to read the comics and find out more about them which in my mind is a good thing because the film has got ppl interested in the franchise.

    in my views this is not a film for children (i know its an 18 but cmon kids 2day are alowed to watch anything) or for ppl who like to turn their brains off to watch a film (transporter or crank may be for you ppl) its a thinkers film, yes the story does skip back to the past to show you the relationships between the old heroes and the new but its not that hard to pay attention to.

    this movie was amazing and i recomend it to anybody who enjoys a good story driven film with solid characters and good set pieces.

  3.  amazing game


    Played the demo and loved it, i knew i was buying this game anyway because to me the resident evil series is prob the best about.

    The graphics are outstanding and the ai system is interesting, its alot better to play with a freind over xbox life tho.

    What is bugging me is the moaners about the controls, you cant run and gun wahhh wahhh oh well go back to playing halo or call of duty, resident evil is what it should be, if you make the player able to move and shoot then its just another generic action shooter.

    5 Stars for resident evil i cant wait to get the full game.

  4.  back to the old skool


    To put it simply this game is amazing, if you are a fan of the old style mario and sonic games or any or the old side scrolling games then this is a must, ive not liked any of the newer mario or sonic games since they have gone 3d but wario just takes it back and its a very welcome change.

    The use of the shake system and the powers u have like thumping the ground to make things fall or to make the ground raise up is enjoyable, also the option to replay levels to complete objectives like jump on 3 enemys at once or collect 25000 coins will be a welcome to completists

    I def give this game 5 out of 5 pick it up now and especially buy it off play because in the game shops its £5 more

  5.  not a bad film


    This film isnt terrible but it wont be an oscar winner either. It starts off very with promising guns - action - a good story (the old virus and part of the country being closed off) some good british actors 2 of whom were in dog soldiers together and i loved that film.

    As sum1 mentioned tho about the worst apc in existence i thought that aswell and the so called special forces squad that they send is soon wiped out leaving only 4 of them so not so special forces then.

    I loved the mad max style gang that they find at the beggining but where the film messed up for me is when they go to the castle with the knights and ppl dressed as peasants it just slowed the story down 2 much for me, then when they escape from the medievil setting they are back to the mad max world and you dont see the knights ever again then its a chase seen then end film which kind of left me feeling like oh thats it is it.

    The gore is spot on tho and the fight scenes are ok but the female lead feels to much like kate beckinsale in underworld minus the vampireism, the whole look and style of her was a near carbon copy but the actress plays the part well enough.

    This film is definatley worth a watch but its doubtfull you will come back to watch it again anytime soon after.

  6.  well worth it but only as a replacement xbox


    This is my 3rd xbox 360 so i still had my hard drive and everything already, i was going to get an elite but when i saw this had a hdmi port i thought for this price you cant go wrong so got it home plugged my existing hard drive and cables in and was away.

    on the other hand tho i would not buy this as a 1st xbox360 console as you would have to buy a hard drive especially if you are considering xbox live and then the ethernet cable and the headset as they dont come with the arcade console so it would all add up to well over £100 extra with the xbox live subscription.

    you get 5 arcade games with this aswell but they wont hold your atention for to long and also you get a 512 mem card but like i said if you are getting this as a replacement console you could always trade in the mem card and extra controller ( if you dont need it ) and put the £ towards some games or something, the only real difference to this console is the disc tray is white and not silver like the more expensive model but all in all still a great console.

    i own the ps3 and the wii also and the xbox is the only 1 i use daily my ps3 is just an expensive dvd player atm and i dont know if im rite here but i think the newer models have been fitted with the new chips which shouldnt overheat and get the rrod as much.

  7.  worth a watch but not a proper dead film


    first off u cant really compare this to any of the other dead films (night, dawn, day or land) coz its totaly different the way its filmed obv being done hand held style the only thing they have in common is zombies, its def worth a watch tho if u love this genre, diary of the dead is alot better than zombie diaries (which is pretty much same type of film just set in britain) the acting in diary isnt bad n it isnt the best you will see, my main thing i found wound me up was the camera man (the main guy documenting the whole thing) it wasnt really that believable that he wouldnt put the camera down to comfort his gf he would rather stand there filming while shes in tears ( sorry but cant see it happening in real life ) theres blood and gore but u dont really see that many zombies all at once like dawn of the dead style ( but like i said totaly dif kinda film ) so u never feel like omg they are in danger, im only giving it 4 stars because i love any kind of zombie movie so it gets an extra star just for having zombies in it, i just really cannot wait for the day of the dead remake its wot we need another proper DEAD film after dawn of the dead u just want action and mutilation, blood and gore but if u are a fan of romero's work then watch this its kinda like you have to if youve seen the others but dont expect an action packed film

  8.  not bad not gr8


    like others have said the potential was there to make an amazing movie about teleporting from a-b, xmen done it better with nightcrawler. to be honest i was expecting to see fight scenes like that in this and it would have been alot better, as for samuel l jackson nothing was really explained about the organisation he worked for as for the other actors they were ok at the least, it has its good moments like the bus and the fight in the desert but nothing groundbreaking if theres a 2nd film i hope they use the teleporting a bit better

  9.  5 stars hope theres more films made this way


    simply put its amazing, ive loved the way both this and deathproof have been filmed with the old style crackle of the film and the missing reels just adds more depth to the films that are tributes to grindhouse. its so corny but u dont care coz its just such a good film, overacted and over the top action (cmon how many films have a woman with a machine gun for a leg it should be done more) wot more can u ask for 5 out of 5 from me, ppl are gona moan about it expecting it to be another straight up action flick but it isnt thats wot they have to realise and those ppl are the ppl that have given it 2 or 3 stars, so if u apreciate well directed films get this, only downside tho is that i didnt have the artcards from play with the film so kinda gutted about that but if your looking for a gr8 action/horror/oldskool movie then planet terror is a gd choice, also if u havent seen deathproof get that aswelboth amazing films and both get 5 out of 5 from me i can gladly say Rodriguez and tarantino are 2 of my fave directors and have yet to see a bad film from them :-)

  10.  fantastic


    OMG i couldnt believe when i saw this on dvd, im 25 and this just took me back to my childhood i aboslutly loved this cartoon, had all the figures and vehicles it was just so fun to watch again, even after all these years i rememberd the episodes and even some of the lines i was amazed, even if uve never seen this i advise you to buy it, its got everything magic, action, adventure and ofcourse your token bad guy who always got beaten every episode then vows to get revenge, ohhhhhh the good old days of cartoons.