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  1.  Reviews........Please !!!


    I've no way of knowing if EA will require an always on connection to play this game but even if they did the comments about the game can hardly be classed as a review. The beta testers comments are at least based on someone actually playing the game. These aren't reviews, just indiviuals griping about something that might or might not actually happen. I think I'll come back when the game is actually released and find out what proper players actually think.

  2.  Not what you expect, and that's good isn't it?


    From looking at the box cover I expected this to be a straight forward priest takes on the might of all evil film, but it's not that at all. Well it is a bit but not really. The photo which gives an impression of the demon/girl hanging off the wall doesn't really reflect the film at all, well not really. If that scene happened in the film I must have missed it, but I did see something similar so I think they used a bit of photoshop here? I nearly couldn't be bothered to watch the film based on the first 10 minutes and didn't really get the start at the time but when you know where it leads it all fits in place. Don't believe the negative reviews as this film is better than they're saying and whilst there were some gaping holes in the plot I enjoyed my time watching it. It's an entertaining one and an half hour film that's worth a look, and will only disappoint if you're expecting a blood fest.

  3.  The Dutchess a period classic.


    I really shouldn't have enjoyed this film, as I'm more of a James Bond man myself. But, having been persuaded into taking my wife to see it :), I have to say it is a very enjoyable film from start to finish. Keira Knightly and Haley Atwell played their parts to perfection and Haley in particular fills her frocks with an ample charm.
    Fantastic locations, and what comes across throughout, is how the gentry with their airs and graces have this dark menace if they didn't get their own way. We'd like to think we've moved on in this day and age, but I wonder if that's one of the reasons I enjoyed this so much as I could see the similarity of events that took place not that long ago.
    Well worth buying and my wife wants to see it again so I've had to buy the DVD. You should do the same.