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  1.  Fantastic!


    I saw Twilight, read the first book, then saw this. I like Stephanie's style of writing and I figured I had nothing to lose.
    This is a very well written book, a little confusing at times, (2 minds in 1 body will do that to you) but it's very easy to pick up on.
    From the first few lines I was hooked and only put it down to sleep and go to work!!
    There are a couple of blank pages at the 'end', but flick past those and there's another chapter. I can't put why without spoiling it for those who haven't read it already though.
    There's not much else to say, brilliant book, fantastically written, and I will definitely be following this author!
    If you like realistic (-ish) fiction, this is a must!!

  2.  Amusing


    If you have your Wii in a small room, this probably isn't for you as it's very easy to get carried away swinging it around like a sword.
    Also, if there's people in the room watching you, make them sit down against the wall behind you. They're least likely to get hit there.
    Not a necessity by any means, but it does make the odd game slightly more 'realistic', and can be highly entertaining.
    If you can get one cheapish and like your realism, go for it! But otherwise... buy another game or some chocolates. =)

  3.  So-so Finale


    Although this season does have a rather poor final episode, the rest of it is as good as ever. I won't go into detail about any episodes as I don't want to spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it.

    Unlike the other seasons there is one main storyline that threads through most of the episodes which brings the season closer together, and makes it a little difficult to understand if you don't watch the episodes in the correct order. But I think that's a strength of it. There are, of course, a few episodes that are not even remotely related to the main storyline.

    A strong storyline, awkward smoochies, characters arriving and leaving and David Boreanaz. What more does a season need?!

    In conclusion: not the best season, but a classic none-the-less!

  4.  So You Want A PSP


    I'm a huge FF fan, and when I saw Crisis Core on the TV, I wanted it. Until I found it was only on PSP, and I didn't have a PSP. A couple days later I saw this and was instantly craving it.

    I ordered it and it arrived the next day...

    Though the picture doesn't show properly, it is a metallic silver, with a FF Logo on the back left, and Cloud and Zack on the back right. The analog button sticks out that little bit so is much easier to handle than the original PSP. (I played a friend's before I got this)

    The game, although it isn't the special edition version, is still the game! A fantastic game with incredible graphics, well known characters (although the fact that Aeris is now spelt Aerith ticks me off slightly), and reveals the hidden depths of the past (If you've played FF7 on PS1 before anyway). But even if you haven't played the original, it's a good place to start, and very addictive!

    If you like RPGs, purchase this and lets get addicted!

  5.  Brill Game


    This is an awesome game.Highly amusing with hundreds, or even thousands of possibilities. The only problem I have with it, is that it is only supported by Windows 95 and 98. Since I upgraded to XP in late 2000, I haven't been able to play it, which was a huge upset. But now I have the same game on PS1 and DS too, so I can still play :)

  6.  Fantastic Sequel!


    I will admit that the voice recognition can be a little choppy, but it does say in the Manual that women and children may experience this, and does give the suggestion of "lowering your voice slightly" to compensate. And I've found that it does help quite a lot. The games are interesting and tricky, and I was shocked to have a brain age of 36 on my first try, I'm only 20! After only 3 days training it is now down to 26.

    If you want to improve your memory, concentration and your brain in general, get a Nintendo DS and nab this game!!

    BOTE: There are one or two games where good spelling is a great help. So obviously if you're a pure text talker, this may be a little difficult at first. But there's nothing like practise :)