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  1.  Awesome


    If your in the mood to kick some then buy it. This is what I expect from a FPS game. No stealth just get in there and destroy the enemy in an adrenaline fueled rush of mad tactically gruesome bodily destruction. The skillshot system is so much fun to master and the story pulses along leaving you with the taste for more destruction.

  2.  Repetitive


    Unfortunately there is a severe lack of locations in Dragon age 2. This makes exploring become boring. Frankly I found the repetitive use of the areas insulting, as though the developers thought that consumers would be too stupid to realise that most areas were just the same ten areas with things moved about a bit! In any fantasy game I expect to hunt through containers for useable items, but not ten times in the same areas for things that just automatically go into my junk menu without even a picture of the item! Combat is an improvement from the first game but fighting waves of enemies in THE SAME LOCATIONS also becomes boring. There are a lot more missions than the original game but they are all in THE SAME LOCATIONS. The game never really seems to go anywhere. There is no epic adventure and its all about money and power. Disappointment after the first game.

  3.  Atmospheric interactive murder mystery


    Anyone into crime thrillers and the lure of murder mystery should enjoy this game. Crime seen investigation is handled well with a unique control system that lets you explore areas without obvious clues, finding the evidence for yourself. Action takes place with quick time events which are kept exciting through a wide variety of fast paced button/control prompts that put you in control of the outcome. The story progresses through your interaction with others, your choices of questioning or conversation uncovering clues and unravelling the plot. The overall package is very entertaining, drawing you into the the story and its characters with an mysteriously intriguing atmosphere presented in quality HD graphics. Excellent game!

  4.  Awesomely brutal!


    Great viewing for any 'not-to-serious' horror fans who fancy a bit of carnage in the autumn. This version of Micheal Myers is obsessively violent. He is not happy until his victims are horrifically mutilated. His approach is brutally emotional in contrast to the ghostly creeping stalker he was in previous films. This is not a different character but more a progression of the Micheal Myers that Rob Zombie sculpted in his first Halloween adaptation. Most interestingly we get a look at the madness behind the mask from the disturbing perspective of Micheal himself which is quite new. Although it contrasts Rob Zombies' first Halloween film (by replacing the suspense with madness and raising the level of violence) it accompanies it quite well with both films showing the disturbing depths of Micheal Myers' character all wrapped up in one crazy package. Gore hounds will love it, traditionalists will over-analyse it, comparing it with the older movies and putting way too much effort into hating it.