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  1.  Awesome


    Since I got this game I've been hooked non stop. Without a doubt game of the year (2012) for me. To start the campaign is awesome very well thought out and put together with some of the best characters, the game really immerses you.

    The island itself is huge with outstanding graphics and so much to do such as side quests and ability to go anywhere. Full weapons customization along with over 40 weapons alone. Game is also very user friendly.

    Have to also add that with the size of the map and how they have managed to have zero bugs or glitches (I have came across none), yet skyrim or oblivion for example which was riddled with so many bugs, crashes and glitches.

  2.  Well worth the money...


    Big fan of oblivion so knew this would be good.

    Game is very addictive, story itself is pretty short however upon completion there is literally hundreds of quests to do. So I'd rate the game overall 100-200 hours for completion fully.

    Very time consuming which makes it a great game as there is a full world to explore. Only downsides are that the lag in the game once your save file gets so large makes it almost unplayable, sort of like the fallout games were notorious for. I think this could be rectified via an upcoming patch or maybe saving onto a usb not sure.

    Well worth the money though!

  3.  Every masterpiece has it's flaws...


    The sentence I'd give to people for this game is simply "give it time".

    Give it time to improve, I don't know of any game that's released in this day and age that doesn't have glitches, flaws and other issues. There was a lot of issues but to be fair to IW they have worked a lot faster than they did with MW2 in patching things up such as glitches and a lot of connection issues. The game does run a lot smoother now...

    I'd give the game 4/5 for now, without the issues 5/5. But the issues will be resolved. People moan about the maps on multiplayer but more and more maps will release.

    The game hasn't been out very long so obviously people will moan about many aspects, but they are working on new content and patches round the clock, so by the new year this game will be worth it big time.

    Campaign is pretty solid, completion time of roughly 8 hours. Special ops is great fun with survival modes and new tier of missions. Will keep you entertained for a good 30+ hours. And multiplayer is still great COD.

  4.  Why?


    I have completed this game once but really had no interest to do it again in a harder difficulty for example. As an old school gamer of when Duke Nukem 3D first came out which was an awesome game I felt this game was a bit of a let down considering how long it's been in development for.

    The game itself is still good ol duke but with quite a lot of pointless things added in, not enough great levels, if people remember the classic you will know what I mean.

    The graphics are a bit off the engine seems to fail to render a lot of the graphics at times which can be irritating for some I guess. But other then that the game is pretty fun but gets old fast.

  5.  Awesome Game


    Completed this game and have platinumed it. Game hasn't changed greatly since the original Infamous in terms of controls and layout, just some nice new added features implemented and a much better story line that keeps you entertained for hours.

    Also the side quests and the "want" to collect trophy achievements are much more desired imo.

    Awesome game overall and no gripes what so ever except from it may be a little on the short side with not to much replayability as I completed it and platinumed it in just over 2 days in the hospital.

  6.  Great action...


    This game in my oppinion is pretty underated. I wouldn't go as far as saying it's amazing, but it's pretty damn good for what it is. Most games based around these movies have major failed. But this game lives up to a nice expectation.

    To start off the graphics aren't the most amazing, But they aren't the worst I've seen. The gameplay is pretty solid, it reminds me of a bit of a quake feel to it, especially when playing as marine, gameplay can be a bit clumsy at times but it's still pretty good.

    The story, well you could say for example yeah it's short for Marine, but then you have Predator and Alien to make up for it so 3 stories combined = 1 long story.

    The multiplayer is where this game focussed most I think, a lot of great game modes, and a lot of fun to play with friends on.

    Also to add this game playing through on marine was pretty spooky, sorta on the edge of your seat, same kind of atmosphere as dead space, not knowing what to expect. Think the whole heart beat monitor adds to this. Great game though :).

  7.  Good but not as good as MW2!


    Got this game when it came out, basically to sum things up it hasn't got anything on Modern Warfare 2.

    The single player is good, I like the story it's pretty well thought out and interesting. Only thing is it's pretty short, but the call of duty games have a habbit of that.

    Pretty gutted there was no spec ops mode as I loved doing this in MW2, added a lot more to the game, but the COD games are generally based around the online idea.

    Graphics were moaned about by a lot of people, I can see where they are coming from however the game itself is dark and gritty. And the graphics aren't that bad.

    Online I was pretty dissapointed with, didn't really like the map designs, very crowded and small. Not so great. Overall I gave it 3/5 as it still is a pretty decent game, just didn't live up to the hype or expectations in my oppinion.

  8.  Masterpiece...


    After reading a lot of reviews of people complaining about this game, finally got it myself. Now quite a fair bit into the game and can honestly say the games a masterpiece. Don't get me wrong theres some SMALL bits here and there that could be improved but overall it's amense.

    The graphics are 10/10 for one, theres huge selection of cars and tracks. More game modes like go-karts, fun challenges etc. The gameplay itself is solid, it's not need for speed type it's a driving simulator thats what people need to realize so everything is different. Cares needed when driving.

    The small things that I'd say could do with being sorted but are getting sorted, are things such as the premium and standard cars, standard cars graphical texture isn't as great as say the premium ,but they are working on this.

    Imo they have released patches pretty fast sorting complaints. Good enough for me. Defo a game to get, im addicted.

  9.  Vast improvement on Motorstorm 1


    Game is very good. To start there is a lot more packed into this game, so many more features such as a whole ton more of vehicles. A lot more races with variations of races, a lot more maps and different types of locations. The other great thing is the graphics have vastly improved. It still has that motorstorm hardness about it, challenging game but amazing :).

  10.  Great...


    Completed both stories. Great 2 stories, ties in well with the main story following Niko.
    Lost and the damned offers a good change to GTA, leading your own biker gang, but imo the ballad of gay tony offers an even better story. A lot more to it, finally brought back the parachute. The other great thing is the missions on TBOGT, a lot more immersive imo, and the game is quite hard in parts, a lot more challenging then most the missions of GTA main game. Defo worth a purchase.