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  1.  shurely the best game on the ds so far


    loved this game did take a little gettin used to with the camera view but really clever what theyve done exploiting the possabilities the ds offers building your sniper rifle and hot wiring cars are simple but great additions and the missions are fun to a must buy if you have a ds

  2.  could of been amazing but they went for arcade style


    is a fun game all the old wrestlers and highlights of the old wrestlemanias do bring back the memories but it is let down by an arcade style if they had gone down the svr way of doing things but with the old school wrestlers this would have been brill but the controls as ive said are arcadey and get abit boring with such limited moves and the finishers are in combo form to which im not a fan of eithier .... would rent and not buy

  3.  worst game ive played on in ages


    My problem is the same as everyone else you spend wayyyyyyy to much time driving around doing the same repetative things and half the time i had no clue what i was supposed to be doing really dissapointed with the actual gameplay as the graphics i thought were amazing and are the only reason i never gave it a 1 star

  4.  better than gta4 in my opnion !


    Bought this just before christmas for £20 i think and its brilliant ... Way more fun than gta4 was graphics arnt as good as gta4 but its alot more fun to play as its not going for as much of the realism and therefore i more fun and enjoyable to play ... Gta team take notes