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  1.  D900 wanna be


    the fact that it does the main job of a mobile phone is the reason it gets the 2 starts, i couldnt get anymore because its apauling the camera is jerky, its slide is really stiff, unlike its older brother the d900 its not really worth the money, save up and get yourself simething better.

  2.  Very Good but ....


    spider-man 3 was a very good film over all with alot of action and romance, but this film is very slow in the middle and your attention begins to wonder, if you are an impacient person i wouldnt recomend this film, but with that said the wait pays off because it is countered after wards by a large action scene!!

  3.  Brilliant peice of technology!


    I love these little helicopters there great for use indoors and outdoors, They can fly for ages and go the height of your house, the batteries last quite long and the flight time is insane, they are very strong as well so they dont break to easily, but a word of advise NEVER use outdoors in windy conditions, they are not desinged to stand even the slightest breeze so go very careful if flying outdoors they are taken away very easily. another annoying fact is that these are controlled by infared tachnology so you always have to point the little bobble on the controller at it other wise it just drops out the sky. for this price its a must buy.

  4.  very, VERY GOOD!!!


    i saw this film ages ago and completly forgot about it, i saw this film when i was younger and watching at my age now its soooo much more scarier and thrilling. this film is quite scary and leaves you on edge all the way through, very unexpected happenings and very graphic deaths, if you like horrors, blood and guts and reptiles this is the film for you, if not then i recommend you stay clear of this film.

  5.  Literaly a HD TV in your Pocket,


    i purchased an Ipod Video after my mate bought one, they are amazing, a great loud MP3 PLAYER and the quality of the video is beyond realistic, it's not pixelated at all, and for this price it is a great buy.

  6. MotoGP


    Playstation Portable

    Available  used  from  £2.94

     AMAZING GAME !!!!!


    this game is incredible, the graphics are great and all the bikes are very realistic, the controlls take a while to master but when you've got them the game becomes alot easier. for this incredible price this game is a MUST BUY!!! the 2 player wireless is a great feature as well.

  7.  quality game, for great price!!


    quite hard but a great game, this game is very good and has all the tricks but this game shares the same princibles of tony hawk gaems, example they are for skaters this game is for free runners, if you dont like free running then dont buy this game, but if you dont mind it but enjoy backflips of buildings and stuff like thatb then buy it, BEST GAME EVER!!!

  8.  Immense!!!


    i bought this game after i became a free runner myself, its got good graphics and all the tricks, but this game is really for people that are acctually into free running and enjoys these sorts of things, just like i'm sure you buy tony hawk games if you were a Skateboarder, this game shares those princibles

  9.  GREAT!! but lacks one thing...


    this phone is amazing and has and excellent and smooth video recorder and camera but the only bad thing is that the recorded vids dont play in sound.

  10.  a sensationally gripping and thrilling book.


    i have read all the Darren Shan books so far and this one was diffinatly my favourite. this book is thrilling and has very unexpected twists, i used to hate books but when i started reading the darren shan saga i have spent much of my free time reading them. this is the third book of the demonata so i advise youy read the first 2 before begining this but other wise read this book if you like blood, guts, fights and demons. i recommend this book be for teens not anyone younger since it is very realistic and has a warning to display the scariness of it. buy this book !!! its the best