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  1.  A real must see family movie


    went to see this on its release day, and am still laughing now! I really cant wait until this is out to see it at home.
    It has:
    All in equal measure throughout. I never expected to find myself feeling sorry for a set of suicide bombers, but that is exactly what happened here.

  2.  Truly Magical


    If you want to lose yourself for a while in a piece of magic, watch this movie.
    From start to finis, its a fantastic piece of work that on Blu-Ray looks even better than I thought possible.
    Each detail is so carefully drawn and animated, you will grow to love these sack people as if they were real.
    You will Laugh & you should probably cry as well, but either way, you will enjoy it.

  3.  Wonderful escapist fun


    One of the best british movies in years. Even if you dont like football, you can love this film. The two Eric's make a great partnership on screen and its so easy to love this movie.
    It is funny, sad and makes you think in equal measure. Even my other half who hates football loved this so much she wants the DVD.

  4.  Original? most certainly


    This is one of the best movies I have seen in years. I am not a Woody Allen fan, but accidently came across this movie and fell in love with it.
    not only did I fall inm love with it, but so did my Wife. So much so, we are off to Barca on holiday. Its beautifully shot, magnificent direction and shows the city at its best.
    This movie is a must see for everyone. its got humour & pathos in equal measures.
    Sit back, get a glass of riocha and chill with a truly great movie.

  5.  This years MUST HAVE album


    It really dosent matter what type of music you like or who, this is an album made to change lives.
    The first war child album had such great tracks and artists that this one just cannot fail to impress.
    Look at the line up!!! not only the performers, but those who picked them. I cannot wait to get my mits on this & blast it out.
    Buy It!!!!

  6.  the most beautiful film Disney has EVER made.


    Who would have thought that a PC generated robot love story with an ecological message could be this good? I certainly didnt.
    I have fallen in love with this film. Imagine how difficult it is for a 38 year old man to write that!
    Its wonderful on every level. How anyone can say they were "bored" is beyond me. they have no soul.
    Watch it, Fall in love with it, buy the kids the toys for christmas.
    You will not regret watching this movie.

  7.  This is reality TV & documentary making at its best.


    As a former member of this batallion, I couldnt wait to see this on TV. Now I can own it and watch it again & again. Mr Kemp does not shirk from anything the lads on the ground had to do.
    This will show you just what our lads in a war zone are doing. I defy anyone not to be emotionally touched by some of the interviews in this.



    If you like the books, avoid this.
    Its weak, misses out quite a bit of important stuff from the book.
    Its the weakest of the movies so far.

  9.  This a real "must have" movie


    If you have never seen this, or if like some when its shown you look for something else, STOP!
    This has to be one of the most engaging stories ever commited to film.
    It tells the rise of a small child into one of the most powerful americans of his or any other generation.
    Its an aamazing journey played out by an ensemble cast who were mostly unknown at its release.
    Welles was only 25 when he made his masterpiece, and would struggle in my opinion to match Kane with any of his later works.
    Watch it, Enjoy it.