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  1.  Great Book!


    Love this book - brilliant adventures through the mind of Karl Pilkington, and what a wonderful place this is!

  2.  Brilliant!


    Superb - One of the funniest books ever - read the whole thing in 2 days, and I never normally rad that fast! Couldn't put it down.

    More please pilks!

  3.  Brilliant, but....



    Had the phone just over two weeks now.

    Love it.

    Does everything you could ask for and most of all, has a huge 4" Super AMOLED screen - which will blow you away.

    But - whats the point in having all of this, when the battery runs dry after 12 hours?

    For example, if you want to watch a movie on the phone, which looks and sounds great, the battery will be dead in under two hours - more like 1.45.

    I just think tech is getting way ahead of battery tech - meaning these gadgets are brilliant, but if you dont find yourself near a charger every 12 to 16 hours, forget it!

    I still love it though.........

  4.  More classic TT


    Great booked, loved it as much as any of his others. Just wish he could write one a month to keep me occupied.

    Very solid investigative journalism on crime and gangs of modern day Britain.

    Brilliant read, buy two copies, one for you and one for your mate.

  5.  The Best


    One of the best documentaries I have ever seen.

    Asks all the right questions, to all the right people.

    Bill travels the world challenging religion, very insight and well thought out documentary. Every church should have a copy :)

  6.  The Very Best Book You Will Ever Read - .


    No joke,

    I read this book in about 17 hours - I normally take quite a while to read my books, maybe three weeks on average. Started this on Saturday morning and couldn't stop reading until Sunday evening.

    The hairs on my arms stand up on end just thinkings about some of the things Warren went through.

    Really well written too - the book just drags you in by your feet.

    It's like the best movie you've ever seen that lasts for 17 hours!

    Get this book, then buy a copy for your best friend.


  7.  Buy It.


    Really good book, one of my fav's this year. Very brave man to hold it together after all he went through. Should make all prisoners in the western world feel thankful they didn't end up where Donald did!

    Great book - you wont put it down - 5 stars.

  8.  TERRIBLE WASTE OF MY LIFE................


    This is, possibly, the worst film I have ever seen.

    The acting is terrible. It's so bad, I couldnt helpo but laugh. Throughout the whole film the lead has this weird 'im really hard and very serious' look on his face.

    Tony Tucker is a total joke in this film, I'd image the man himself would not be happy with the horrific wigg and strange orange spray on tan.

    I don't know who voted this film as anything more than ONE STAR - I'd imagine some of carltons mates?

  9.  Great help for me with panic attacks


    I have justed started this book upon strong advice from a therapist and also another friend who used this book to great sucess. It's widely used in the US and not so much here yet, but trust me, this is one of the best books for over coming;

    panic attacks

    Pretty much any form of self doubt, substance abuse, anxiety etc this book can help you personally identify where these feelings come from and exactly how we can help ourselves to over come these feelings.

    I would totally reccomend this book to all, it will teach you some great life changes tricks to life a better life and manage conditions of the mind.

  10.  A good read!


    I loved this book, it is for example, a much better read than many other 'legendary hard men' books i've read.

    Give it a try, Jimmy is a pretty interesting guy who's lead a very interesting life.

    I think this book also teaches you a lot about romany/gipsy culture.