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  1.  Amazing!!!!!


    This is a film you simply must own on Blu Ray even if you already have it on dvd as i did, the difference in picture quality is outstanding and the sound is crystal clear.
    Essential purchase!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2.  Great disc, poor film!!


    Transformers ROTF is a poor film to say the least, i enjoyed the first movie even though it does not stick to the original designs (Optimus Prime does not have a mouth) but it was fun, had the right amount of humour, action etc.
    Transformers 2 cranks everything up, the action is superb and cannot be faltered, anyone complaining that there was to much action and not enough story should have known what type of movie this is especially coming from Michael Bay.
    The acting is pretty average with Shia LaBeauf the stand out and the story if you can call it that being debatable, no the reason we watched this is for giant robots smashing each other and we are not left disappointed, the biggest let down is the vile crude toilet humour that is ever present through the whole film, none of which is remotely amusing.
    American Pie with giant robots i think not.
    The Twins Skids and Mudflap are two of the worst characters i have seen since Jar Jar Binks, yet more comedy relief that is not funny.
    Now the Blu Ray of ROTF is simply fantastic on par with the Dark Knight and is a much better experience than seeing it even on an IMAX cinema, you can see more detail and i saw things during the forest battle i did not see first time around, the audio is superb but you might want to turn it down if the neighbours are in.
    This movie is a sensory overload and just about essential on Blu Ray its just a pity the movie lets it down.

  3.  Not so special features!


    I received this from the US today and was eager to watch easily the best film of the year for the fifth time, first off it may surprise you that the aspect ratio changes from 16:9 during imax scenes to the standard 2:35.1 during others, it seems strange at first but somehow seems to enhance the movie.
    Picture quality is fantastic as you would expect, especially during imax scenes ( of which i believe there are 7), and you already know how good the film is.
    But it's the special features that you will feel really let down with considering the epic scale of success and interest in this movie, the best features are the short 5-10 minute looks at such things as blowing up the batmobile, creating the batpod, the new batsuit and so on.
    The two feature documentary's that are on disc two are interesting and insightful but where is the behind the scenes making of the Dark Knight documentary, or a tribute to Heath Ledger, in fact Heath does not appear in any of the special features except for a few photographs.
    This is an essential purchase but you can't help but hope that there is another version on the horizon.

  4.  The real Batman


    Finally the Batman film we've been waiting for, no longer filled with corny one liners, flashy neon lights, ridiculous gadgets and camp acting, this is the definitive Batman.
    This follows Bruce Wayne's journey from the death of his parents to his eventual transformation into the Batman and his story is so compelling and interesting that you give little thought as to when Batman will make his first appearance.
    The acting is top notch especially from Christian Bale who with this role finally becomes an A-list actor (hard to believe he made the machinist just before this), the music is simply fantastic adding emotion and adrenaline to every scene and the story cannot be faulted bringing it all into a realistic world.
    If your a Batman fan you must get this, if your not you have to see it and you will be.
    Batman and Robin was the dark to Batman Begins dawn.

  5.  Heath Ledger's finest hour


    " The gay cowboy movie " those are the words that have haunted this movie ever since it's release and the reason so many people overlook this excellent film.
    I have to admit that i was one of those people even though i purchased this on dvd some time ago i have only recently viewed it and have to say this is now one of my top ten favourite films.
    Superlative is the only word to describe every part of this film, the story, the direction, the music and especially the acting from the two leads in what is a heartbreaking tale of a forbidden love which will make even the toughest get a lump in their throat.
    As i said the acting is sublime but this is easily Heath Ledger's film
    so much so that at times no words need to be spoken just the raw emotion on his face and in his eyes tells you everything you need to know, this as it says in my title is Heath Ledger's finest hour and yes that also includes his portrayal of the Joker, it only goes to highlight what a huge talent has been lost to us all .

  6.  Critics should be punished.


    This film got slated quite badly by movie critics upon release but being a comic book fan i was going to watch it anyway, and i just don't know what film they were watching because it sure wasn't this.
    The acting is very good all around (especially the brooding Thomas Jane) the plot follows the comic book version closely with the exception of moving the setting to florida, and the action while not being non-stop is plentiful and never over the top.
    Maybe it could have been a little more violent what with an 18 certificate anyway, the torture scene is a great concept and very amusing even though the Punisher in the comic would actually use the blowtorch, but that's a small criticism in a very enjoyable film that was made on less than a third of the budget of Spider-Man 3.

  7.  Not the worst, but close!


    I had the misfortune of buying this on blu-ray and boy do i regret it, i'd seen trailers and read reviews about it saying that it wasn't very good but i thought i'd give it a go what with the special effects, action and stunning scenery especially on blu-ray, it would be good to turn off your brain for a few hours.
    Just watch the trailer if you are even tempted to buy this film it will save you the torment of having to sit through possibly some of the worst acting i have ever seen, the plot is virtually none existent, there is hardly any action to speak of and the artwork on the cover of the box is misleading.
    Simply put this film makes the likes of The Scorpion King look like a modern classic, AVOID at all costs.