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  1.  I think Square Enix are wanting to become movie producers!?


    Awesome graphics, cleverly scripted storyline which makes MGS4 look even shorter with cutscenes included and a cleverly designed battle system.

    One Issue though... Extremely linear! This game is composed of 13 chapters and the first 11 feel like you are playing the whole section of Midgar in FFVII. There is only one major area to explore (Gran Pulse) with is an oversized area like the Calm Lands of FFX and thats where the majority of the missions take place (thats if youre a completionist) but the 99% of the maps are just a straight line running from A to B.

    The Crystalium leveling system is alot more basic than you may think its designed like a Talent Point System from WoW and by the time you find areas where you can powerlevel. But Square have decided to penalise people for that since you can only increase attributes to a level Cap and it will not increase till you defeat the chapter boss. This is a clever approach which makes every boss battle challenging and you actually need strategy to beat them (no more insane ULTIMA Weapons or Celestial Blitzballs to 1 hit overkill your enemy).

    From my experience from completing the JP version which I own. There is no exclusive EU superbosses either (with the exception to a special Adamantoise) The game is story driven and beats the purpose of exploration. But I think making a game at this calibur for the PS3 and 360 would probably take 10+ years to develop.

    To evaluate this. Think of this game as a MGS4 version of the RPGS.

    To those who are Persona and other Hardcore JRPG fans you will feel dissappointed with your purchace.

    But we still have FFXIII Versus (PS3 Excl.) and FFXIII Agito for the PSP to come out.

    I dont see how they are anywhere near related to original however.



    As I am a pure Resident Evil fanatic. This has to be the icing on the cake! The demo is awesome as well. But the new control system has been tweeked (however I dont like this) but thankfully it can be changed to the original RE4 controls!

    Online can be lame due to the novices using up valuable ammo such as machine gun rounds and rifle rounds and these players must be avoided at all costs! Play with someone who has actually completed Resident Evil 4 or you may end up giving up on the co-op experience!
    However this is a 5 star expereience which shouldnt be missed!

    I wont however!

  3.  This game needs serious work to make better!


    Well here is a few flaws with the game.

    1. The graphics are extremely glitchy and slow paced compared to its main gaming franchise Timesplitters.... Yes The guys who made this game did make the awesome series.

    2. The story is confusing and drives to far from the plot... Either this is like the similar approach as Halo 1 im not sure but the ending was a huge dissappointment!!!!! :@

    3. For a game that was supposed to be realeased in 2006 for the Xbox 360.... why did PS3 get the rights to this game if the quality of this game is so mediocre....

    4. If this game as bad as I thought I wouldnt count my chickens if Timesplitters 4 will be like this!

    Good multiplayer but its no Halo....

    This game is good to keep you preoccupied for the amazing MGS4 which Im having restless nights wanting to play it!!!

    PS3 Network name : ULIMARAGNAR0K

  4.  Buy this if you dont have a Credit Card!


    Unfortunately Nintendo havent realised that Debit Cards can be used on the internet but I dont think they want the responsibility if someone loses funds directly from the bank! But overall its alright to pay an extra £1 for the card. Its alot more secure and hassle free to get points. I only reccomend this option to people who dont have credit cards and would rather do the safer option and buy it from the stores. If your impatient to wait, go to your local game store.

    Its reccomended you buy the SNES and N64 games because they have the best selection at the moment and Paper Mario is one of the longest out of the lot!

  5.  Metal Gear Awesome 3


    This has to be the coup de grace of the Metal Gear(TM) series for the Playstation 2(TM) series. This game will put you to the limits of survival of Tactical Espionage Action, Metal Gear Soldid 3(TM): Subsistence is a game that all Metal Gear(TM) fans should own. I currently own the game and replaced the original version for this. The game features are the best seen from any remake or upgrade of any game re-realeased. Multiplayer is fantastic, myself have been racking up kills and points in the leaderboards and continue to play this epic game still. But the best feature has to be the re-realease of the original Metal Gear(TM) games. Metal Gear(TM) is based from the MSX version (not the NES version) where Solid Snake must complete his mission NR343:Intrude in the depths of an African jungle and rescue his comrade of his unit : FoxHound, Grey Fox (Frank Jager) and destroy the atomic weapon Metal Gear TX-55. This game is considered difficult for a typical stealth game but Hideo Kojima has put alot of effort into making this game.
    But Metal Gear 2(TM): Solid Snake has to be one of the best games ever played. I currently own the original version for the MSX2(TM) home computer and In my own opinion is very similar to the evernts of Metal Gear Solid(TM) (Twin Snakes). Solid Snake must infiltrate Zanzibar Land (a fictional country in Asia) rescue the Czech scientist Dr. Kio Marv (ironically an anagram of the MSX loading screen representing Vram 01K memory chip) and destroy Metal Gear(TM) D.
    To summarise this review this game is a must have for any Metal Gear(TM) fan, present or new to own this fantastic game.