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  1.  Simply supurb.


    This was the final album to complete my collection, and ironically this is my favourite album by them. It's the album that morphed them more into the sound of what you hear today from them.
    Every track on this album is amazing: from the all-out high energy track Lie buried with a vengeance -to the epic sounding Namamekashiki ansoku, tamerai ni hohoemi. You won't be disappointed by this album. Great stuff.

  2.  If i could give it 6 out of 5 i would...


    What an amazing package. You get the live concert on cd to listen too, aswel as the dvd -which is just amazing quailty. Most of Diru's dvd's have been pretty medicore for quailty, but this one is immense. If you've never seen them live, this is a great place to start. Briliant package -which while is a little expensive at first, is actually well worth the money.

  3.  Amazing!


    One of my favourite films ever made; and by far the best Blu-ray transfer i've seen thus far. They've really gone all out to make this film look more modern -they've even added a few special-fx here and there, to make it look even better. You can go wrong with this purchase. Essential!

  4.  Best story-telling since Ennis.


    As the title say's: this is the best story telling i've read for
    the punisher since Garth parted ways from Franks world. Not many have been able to write Frank the same as Ennis's legacy, but Victor Gischler has managed to make a brilliant comic - that makes a run for Ennis money. Essential read for any Punisher fan.

  5.  Awful, truly awful.


    This was probably one of the worst films of last year (and probably of the last several years). A film that got hit in the same lime-light as Blair witch, only this film is a million times worse than that of Blair witch. The only thing that was scary about this film was the women's acting.
    Do yourself a favour and listen to me and the other reviewers that gave it one star, because if you don't you will just end up wasting time on money on one awful film. You have been warned.

  6.  much better than the last series.


    The last series of MGS figures were ok, but they weren't made very well. They didn't stand properly, and there was pretty much zero articulation.
    This time round i have to say that the sculpt is 10X better, and while there is no articulation at all, he stands perfectly. I've seen all of the figures in the flesh, and i have to say all the sculpts are up to the high standard this figure is. Well worth 15pound. Plus there going thick and fast and could be worth picking up now before they completley sell out.

  7.  Good, but not there best...


    A good album no doubt. But i felt a little disappointed by them recycling riffs from phobia. Some great songs on this album but its no where near the epic first album Saturate.

    This albums for fans of
    *Chris Daughtry/ Seether/ Nickelback/ Three Days Grace*

  8.  Back on form!


    When 24 was delayed due to the FOX writers strike back in early 2008, i was alittle disappointed. A year later from its original deadline, and the results are epic...

    Season 6 was an ok season, but the show was slowly losing its edge. Predictable story, with the same stuff happening that happens in all the other series. With season 7 they had alot more time to craft the story, and let me tell you. It just goes to show what a little patience can bring you. Every single episode on this season is brilliant. There wasn't an episode where i went "I wish they'd hurry up with this little bit of the story". They dont drag anything, it just keeps pushing forward.

    Overall This season is up there with 1, 2, and season 5. I might even go as far to say its the best...If your a fan of the show get this bought its worth every penny. Season 8 has alot to live upto...

  9.  Not as bad as everyone says.


    For a kick off im a massive punisher fan, and while this isn't the best film ever made. Its still the best Punisher film made to date. Lexi has kept the film close to the dark Punisher MAX comics. So fans of the Punisher will be pleased to find alot of MAX refrerences in the film. Theres loads of action and buckets of blood to boot. It does have some pretty bad dialouge in some places and there are some bits in the film that dont fit Franks world but overall its a worthy adaption of the comic series. And fans of action films should be pleased with it as well.

  10.  A complete package.


    Electric Ladyland has always been the album where Jimi was at the top of his game. So if your already a fan or thinking of getting into the hendrix experience, then look no further. All the tracks have been remastered and sound great!, but the real bonus of this package is the DVD. A 90 min documentary on the making of this epic album. Showing you how each track was made and the highs and lows of making the album. Overall an amazing package for non fans and fans alike. A must-buy!