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  1.  Where's the rest?


    Well presented, some clever, some annoying puzzles and control issues which could have been overlooked, but incredibly short - maybe 4 hours? My daughter really enjoyed it until the end and said "Is that it?" ....it was. Only get at budget price.

  2.  Thrills for youngsters


    I was quite impessed about a lot of Aragorn's Quest - the narrative is interestingly and cleverly told - as a story told by Sam covering selected events from the films. The controls are responsive and fun, at times impressive visuals (but a conflict in styles and tone - not sure if it wants to have a cartoony feel or accurately represent the actors). The training levels are well handled, and some of the battles have a sense of scale. However, it is quite easy and can be repetitive, but a great game for the younger ones that adults can appreciate too, especially LOTR fans - really enjoying it!

  3.  Superb Openworl Shooter


    I can't believe some of the poor reviews here. If you like open world shooters, you will love this. You have so much choice and variety in how you tackle problems and the setting is both visually superb and fresh. I can't recommend this enough, yes the missions get slightly repetitive and the story muddled but you get so much play area and freedom of strategy, they are forgivable. I'd say this is far better than linear shooters like COD and right up there with Red Dead Redemption.

  4.  Good Fun


    Compares very favourably with the PC version - the motion controls are nearly great, but the throwing of projectiles can be a little clumsy. As a 2000ad fan I loved the story and was suitably impressed by both the realisation of Rogue and the excellent cut scenes. I loved the cover system, way ahead of it's time when originally released. but again it can be a little fussy at times.

    Be warned I have completed about 90% of the game but am currently stuck on the train level - hugely frustrating level that is just too difficult.

  5.  Great Fun


    I am really enjoying this - the graphics are great and the swordplay is brilliant fun. You need to be standing to get the most out of this title and the learning curve is pitched just right. Great music and atmosphere round up a great package. A few niggles are apparent - too many loading "doors" to get to areas, less open world than it could have been and little life in the city. It just manages to overcome these to present a refreshing experience.

  6.  Short but fun


    Really good fun - controls are excellent, very intuitive and responsive. The graphics are inconsistent - sometimes good, sometimes very basic. The characters and animation are generally good but very basic textures. I think it's a great game but be warned - it's short, but the sheer fun makes it worth it.