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  1.  Brought it for my fiancee..


    He wasnt disappointed. He is a real technoiogy freak.. had an expensive toshiba phone before.. I doubted this would wet his appetite, but his phone was close to dead and it was his birthday so.. he got this. And he loves it. Hasnt stopped playing with the blooming thing.. He got it unlocked for his 02 sim, cost him £20, but still cheaper then buying an unlocked version.. Very very good phone. Wont be disappointed.

  2.  Book or Film? Opinion - both are good for different reasons.


    I'm 21, female and a sucker for a love story. But I never had any intention of watching Twilight. Or should I say, I wasn't going to go out of my way. I received the Twilight DVD as an unexpected gift from my boyfriend. I first watched it with my best mate and by the time the film was half way through, we were both yelling at Edward (Robert Pattinson) through the TV to kiss Bella. The chemistry and sexual tension between the two characters is intense, almost unbearable to watch at times. Having watched the film I have now started the books, and I can honestly say the Twilight book is just as good as the film. Maybe better. However the film gives a life to the images the book produces in your mind. It may have changed things and left things out, but that is what is needed to make a good film sometimes. Needs must, so to speak. Cant put everything from a book into a film, unless you have 6 hours spare and £400 million pounds? LOL. Having nearly finished New Moon now, I can assure you I am getting pretty hooked on the Twilight saga. It makes for a very pleasant way to pass the time and I will be sad when I've devoured every bit of Twilight literature I can get my hands on. I love a good intense love story, its very close to my heart. Why should films always be all doom and gloom? Blood and gore? I miss happy endings. Twilight will not disappoint the more romantic of us. And probably not many others either. But if you want to see blood, innocent people being killed and action, this wont be a film for you. Romantics, enjoy! And get the books too, they are well worth a read or two. Or three :-)

  3.  Not as XXX as the book...


    In some ways I am glad the semi pornographic content of the novel has not been included in the series. I feel Billy Piper plays the role of Belle well, however if the series had been closer to the novel in content she would have struggled. The Boy has now been given a name.. which I'm not sure I like and we see nothing of A1, A2, A3, A4... Shame. I enjoy the series as a whole but try not to compare it with the novel, because in my eyes they are two completely different stories.

  4.  Well, I cried, enough said?


    "Fear Her" wasn't really for me, I rate it about a 3 star, it was well acted, but the story line was a bit shabby and I thought it didn't really have much point, it didnt lead anywhere or from anywhere, it was an episode for the sake of an episode.
    However, "Army Of Ghosts" was a fantastic little episode, and I just noticed, Freema Agyeman is in it? She walks into a nest of cybermen and gets her brain latched onto by a bluetooth headset? Very imaginative. Well, anyway, one thing I didn't feel was the fear. The Doctor normally has an underlining fear of the Daleks, but in this he seemed very unmoved by there presense, or the fact a few managed to escape. I always respected the mutual fear they had for one another.
    "Doomsday" made me cry. My heart broke in two at the sight of The Doctor and Rose on opposite sides of a wall consumed with utter sadness and loss of hope. It just makes your heart ache. I don't understand why he can never see her again though.. hes a time traveller, surely he doesn't need a void to go visiting, he hasnt before! Well anyway, it broke my little heart, I'd keep David Tennant company, forever and ever.. and ever..