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  1.  If you play Guitar Hero, you NEED this!


    This is one of those bargains you think about buying and then thinking 'its this cheap so its got to have some sort of fault', for this pack that is completely untrue. There is a charge status light (green for charged, red for charging) and the quality is great, highly recommended! Most of all it's a BARGAIN!

  2.  Rockstar do the impossible...


    When I first played GTA: Chinatown Wars, the first words that came to mind were How?, and Awesome...

    Rockstar has manged to fit 2 of the main islands (the eastern ones) and the other 2 that are not as a large but sit north of the most eastern one and the smaller that lies between them (I don't know the names), into a DS cartridge? How? And as a top down 3D perspective? I know, the graphics are cel-shaded..ish, but for a DS game they really look stunning.

    There are many things to do in that city, of course, plenty of main and side missions, rampages and mini games, One of the mini games is Hobotron, one of my faves, where you basically have to survive by shooting guys who chase you, or blow them up with time bombs! The touch screen is used nicely too... for instance if you land your car into water (we all do this occasionally, right?) you have to tap the windscreen to smash it and escape, otherwise you're sleeping with the fishes. On another you can make your own Molotov Cocktails by going to a gas station, dilling a bottle with the stuff and putting in a cloth, really cool.

    It sounds ok too, some pretty funny one-liners when you're chasing some poor fellow with a gun, and so on. The music isnt that great, but as you can turn it off, you can just listen to that guy you are trying to run over shout 'I'm still a virgin!' Classic!

    Overall GTA:CW breaks all the rules of DS gaming and deserves it's place as a classic for the console. Get it while it's still £9.99 here, you will not regret it.

  3.  LG Viewty - Just simply amazing.


    The LG Viewty is astounding, boasting a 5mp camera and picture/video editing software built-in, plus the extra-ordinary 120fps video recordings (played back in 30fps for awesome slo-mo effects), 3 inch touchscreen and 3G. Also acting as a MP3 player. On the looks side, its a stunner, and you really need to see it up close to apperciate it. Now onto something that I thought was really good....the BOX, yeah thats right. When it came, I remember thinking...do I open this? It's so well presented and posh. The bad sides to the phone are as follows; lack of a camera cover, sometimes the phone itself, while navigating menus, stalls and takes a few secs to function but thats a rare occasion. I personally have had this since christmas an it has done me proud., does all the things in a phone i could ever wish for, plus more :). It is well recommended. Now go and get it and have some fun!

  4.  Sony Ericsson has done it again!


    Wow! This is my 3rd Sony Ericsson phone (K700i,W810i,this) and they have blown me away again! The W910i has everything you could possibly need in 1 device; Great Camera,Walkman 3.0, Stereo Bluetooth, SensMe(tm) and the fantastic Shake Control Feature!
    In summary:
    The Good:
    Great Quality Camera
    Trusted Walkman Player
    Slim Slider Design
    Free 1GB M2 Memory Card
    Awesome Themes
    Shake Control
    Media Player Auto-Rotate

    Tha Bad:
    No Camera Light
    No zoom in 2MP camera mode