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  1.  it's only a film!!


    firstly i want to say i think i read to many reviews about how disturbing this film was and how wrong it is etc . yes it is slightly brutal but i have seen just as bad if not worse in other 'non french' films. I didnt want my wife to watch these films as i heard they were very bad and she is not a fan of gore anyway but even at the end of this she seemed a little dissapointed!!! don't get me wrong it is good but just dont belive the hype on the gore, ps rock dj lol

  2.  AWESOME!!


    Watched this film with lights off and sound up ( only way to watch a horror) and it was probably the scariest film i have ever seen! Half way through i was thinking is this it , kind of seen this before in other films, don't get me wrong ,still very very good. but i have to say without giving anything away the last 10 or 15 mins totally freaked me out big time! can't wait to watch rec 2 and you can get them both on blu-ray for 15 pound!!! if you like being scared out of your skin then buy it now i tell you .

  3.  haters


    this is to all those out there that give this game anything but 5 out 5. THIS IS GRAN TURISMO!!! any real gt fans out there will think it is amazing and nothing else, if you want real damage then go and play need for speed or burnout and give your copy of gt to someone who will enjoy it! the graphics are amazing , the amount of cars is awesome and to those who say the tracks are the same and nothing new, WHO CARES, they are great anyway. it is a real driving simulator, not an arcade wanna be.at the end of the day if you have grown up with gt like me you will adore this game. end of

  4.  Worth every penny


    anyone who wants to buy this please read this as it will help you put it on without ruining it. when you first open the package there is lots of bits , a little tray with a sponge in it and fluid. firstly ignore the instructions, they say to wet the sponge and then place screen onto phone, what i found easier was to place the screen into the tray of fluid using tweezers so not get finger prints on sticky side. completly submurge it into the tray then place onto your phone screen, making sure your screen is perfectly clean using the handy cloth supplied. once the screen is on you can move it around slightly to possition it , then take the sponge and credit card thing and gently remove any excess fluid or bubbles underneath the screen, leave to dry and after all of this you will very impressed with it. showed my friend my phone and he didnt even notice the screens where on the phone, he is getting one now! just remember to totaly submurge the screen into the tray and not to use your fingers. take your time you only get one hit at it!

  5.  awesome!


    First thing is if you don't like take that you won't like this, obvious i know but hey still true. When i saw the play list i dont think they could have picked a better song selection, there is something for every take that fan ( and lets face it we all think there pretty good don't we people!) there is something about singing the songs that is so much more fun than any other singstar game. we recently got the motown singstar and although there are some classic songs on there they are mostly impossible to sing right( could be me not being very good i suppose) but take that singstar is so much easier i think. all in all best singstar so far , all they need now is an elvis singstar then i can polish off my blue seude shoes!

  6.  practice makes nearly perfect


    I've read a few reviews of this game and when i look forward to getting a game i really go for it.i look at video rewiews , web sites bit sad but hey why not .! So before i ordered this i done exactly that, all in all sounded good from what i heard. Ordered it for christmas and could not wait to get hold of it , especially to get hold of that cue attachment. So christmas came and opened it ,started to play it and .......oh dear i thought, what a load of rubbish! Stright away was going to send it back. Cue attchment kept getting in the way of the wiimote signal, graphics are poor and controls where really not what i thought. Great i hear you say why bother then? Then my brother in law got hold of it and made me see the light, when he played it he made me realise that i was expecting far to much. For one you dont need the wiimote at the screen you can do 90% of control using the d pad, secondly the graphics are not bad when you really think about it ( lets face it the wii isn't a ps3) thirdly when you get the hang of it it really is addictive. The game is really quite big aswell, trick shots to complete, challenges to do and lots of things to unlock.even my wife likes it! So all in all i think what i am trying to say is if you are thinking about getting it please dont let negative reviews put you off it really is a good game and worth the practice. Only thing that stoped 5 stars, no online play :(

  7.  touchy touchy


    let me start by saying that i got this phone free on contract but if i had to pay i would pay anything for it , why? because it is probably the best phone ive ever seen or used. the touch screen is the main selling point and it works perfectly. It all feels so hi-tech, even the noises it makes when you touch it is great! the best part for me is the qwerty keyboard, perfect for texting (alot quicker). the camera is top aswell with a real flash. the only thing you will need is a decent case, keep it nice and shiny! all in all a very stylish phone and one that will make the i-phone shake with fear.