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  1.  at last...


    Now im sure there are alot of people out there that would just look and turn their head at this game, thinking that because you get 2 games for the price of one that they will be complete rubbish. But wait...after playing through escape from butcher bay (the original game that was released on the xbox) everything came back to me, it still feels as fresh as the day it was released all them years ago! from the story to the graphics, the voice acting to the combat system...it just works, now if i were to say this game is a breeze i would be lying to you all. As with a few games out there the hardest difficulty is actually...difficult! some points are frustrating but very satisfying when you finally get past the bit where you get stuck. I havent played alot of the online multiplayer, and the small time i spent playing it didnt really do it for me, maybe it is becase there arent many people who are actually on there or maybe it just seems to be missing something...or maybe im just comparing it to COD4 (which is much better than MW2!!!) This is one of them games that you will either love or hate, personally i loved it! you actually have to use your brain and not just run in and blow stuff up (like alot of games i have played previously) i would recommend you give this game a shot and see what you think before you just turn ya head and walk away from it. my verdict on Riddick is an 8/10.

  2.  grand theft horse 4?


    The first point i would like to make is that Red Dead is like a dumbed down GTA4...and this has done itself justice. You can get a real sense of freedom from this game as it has lots of open areas to explore, animals to kill, mini games and so on. You can do pretty much anything you like go round blowing peoples brains out, hunting animals, collecting herbs, getting drunk everything that GTA was ment to stand for but GTA just failed...big time. The graphics are great, the story is great all in all id say that Red Dead is one of them games that everyone should own, if you like the GTA series then i would defo recommend this game to you all...it will blow your mind! from the very start you get the sense of awesome-ness that this game lets off and even with all the horse riding in the game that would seem to getting boring after an hour or so you just dont, theres always something to see that you may have missed before. my verdict is 9/10

  3.  average/good


    After playing the 1st one it seems to as if they have taken out some of the open-ness that you find with the weapons (not as many to use) the combos they added was a good idea as was the fight club option from the main menu, i would recommend playing the 1st one before playing condemned 2 as you will have a better understanding of what is going on. The game play is good the graphics are good all in all its a good game, not the most challenging but after a few times of dying on the same spot over and over it starts to annoy you. My verdict for condemned 2 is 7/10 you wont be disappointed with it.

  4. Shogun


    Trivium - CD

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    They said it was going to be the heaviest stuff theyve done...and what a load of bull! the vocals sound terrible the riffs sound terrible its a huge let down unfortunatly :( if your going to get a trivium album stick to acendancy :) now thats one brill album this is going to be one of them albums where people who dont like trivium will like but i honestly cant see why...theyve ruined it jus like slipknot did with there new album :(

  5.  Average...


    At first its ok then it all comes to the surface, battle sequences are very repetative, and the cut scenes miss half of the story out, unless youve watched the entire series you wont have an idea whats going on half of the time cause one minute there in one place then next thing with out warning there somewhere else and your left scratching your head as to why they are where they are...its a confusing game :P

  6.  disappointingly terrible


    This is one of the biggest let downs ever..its defo not slipknot, theres no songs on this album that blow your mind, all the other albums were like that and thats what makes a good album, lets hope metallicas album is going to be good still and not do a slipknot and let us down, id recommend taking a long hard think before purchasing this maybe listen to a friends copy of it before you even start to think, thanks for nothing guys :(

  7.  average-ish


    Through out the entire game its gotta be done one way and one ways only...there way. After you play it a while i found it to be ok nothing great but nothing terrible, id say its an average game, sure the bosses are terrible as are the graphics and stuff but the story line is ok. I remember getting hooked on this when i got it just wanting to see what the ending was and after 30 levels or something like that i got it and....it was terrible.

  8.  nothing special


    As id watched 'up in smoke' i felt this movie was aweful compaired to it, it has some funny bits bjt i felt most of it was jus boring, if i was you id jus find a download site or try and find it on youtube or what ever i wouldnt waste my money on it before seeing it, but all in all i felt it was an average film but number 1 is still better :)