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  1.  Exceptional


    I can't believe this is a cult film. It was one of the most innovative science fiction films of the last decade. No Hollywood special effects, just excellent ensemble acting, a great time shift story and a most excellent rabbit. It is certainly a mad world. I personally prefer this version to the Director's cut.
    Some great actors - Daveigh Chase (Chihiro in Spirited Away); the Gyllenhaals; Mary McDonnell and even the late Patrick Swayze; and the aeroplane engine.

  2.  Donnie Darko 0


    The original film was one of the most innovative and intelligent films of the last ten years. Unfortunately this is the complete opposite. A lumbering train wreck that is a sprawling incomprehensible mess. I hour and 47 minutes has never seemed so long. Zero stars - but Play doesn't allow me to do that.

  3.  A bargain


    This is the starting point for those not familiar with his work. Accessible, atmospheric and utterly compelling. Special edition at a giveaway price of 4.19

  4.  Could have been a contender


    The start of this remake is actually quite good and uses modern CGI effectively - probably the best Triffids ever. However the drift away from the original novel does disappoint and it ends up a bit Hollywood Blockbuster but without the budget.
    I am not sure that Wyndham's story can be used unaltered these days - the philosophising is a bit stilted - but this adaptation doesn't really crack it. The 80's version is better purely because it treats it more as a period piece. On the other hand it is miles better than the watchably dire film made back in the 60's

  5.  Outstanding


    One of the great post apocalyptic event books. Basic food supplies are wiped out by a pandemic virus and humanity disappears almost instantly. An insightful and written with precision and insight. The swine flu panic resonates all through this book

  6.  The Best of the Proper Fleetwood Mac


    Fleetwood Mac in its blues incarnation was the real McCoy. Peter Green's sublime blues playing ably supported by Danny Kirwan. Jeremy Spencer's slide playing was enthusiastic but a bit formulaic. Fortunately you get the best of Peter Green's recorded versions and the hit singles. Each one is a wondrous gem of emotive singing, heartfelt words and gorgeous guitar playing. At this price buy many copies and give them to friends who will worship you forever.

  7. The Hits

    The Hits

    Dave Clark Five - CD

    1 New from  £29.99  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £6.98

     Classic Songs from the 60s


    One of the great mysteries has been the dearth of Dave Clark Five CDs considering how huge they were in the 60s. One of the previous reviews has mentioned this and at last we have a CD that ticks the boxes for the key hits. Listening to these songs after so long highlights the key components of their sound, Dave's simplistic driving drumming style, Denis' sax filling in the gaps and Mike Smith's superb blues rock voice. Fantastic ensemble playing all round from Rick and Lenny as well.

    Dave Clark also seems to be unique amongst 60s artists in actually owning rights to his own records and this may explain the paucity of CD releases.

    Here we have the key highlights such as Glad all Over, Bits and Pieces, Catch us if you can; and Everybody Get Together which highlights the fact that reviewers should write reviews based on listening to the actual songs on the album not on track listings which are not always correct.

    Is the omission of the Red Balloon a mistake; a reluctance from Raymond Froggatt to release the rights or a way of saying sorry for the worst French pronunciation in the history of mankind.

    Buy it and buy into classic 60s popular music

  8.  Overhyped Blair WItch Derivative


    We have all seen this cinema verite handheld digicam technique before in films like Blair Witch, Natural Born Killers and it is irritating in all of those as well. Sub Playstation special effects, average acting and generally not worth watching. At least save some money and buy the single disc version without the non-alternative ending