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  1.  A winning formula over tinkered!


    Well EA have really dropped a clanger with this one. Fifa 09 was a slick polished game which admitedly needed a slight tweak but with 10 they have ruined it by over tinkering the gameplay and scrimping on the other bits. The commentary for example is highly flawed with them often both babbling on about nothing to do with the particular game. Also the fouls have been completely confused. You can be completely hacked down and get nothing then you perform a little tap tackle and you get booked!
    Also the online clubs has been altered to the extent that you have to use your pro now instead of just choosing a club. For those who have the time to develop their pro then fine, but for casuals then its a case of suck online.
    Another bad addition for this year is the introduction of a Fifa Store, basically things you got free last year like celebrations etc you now have to buy, along with that you can now basically 'cheat' online by buying a stat boost for your pro which bumps his stats up for a certain amount of matches. Bad idea! It would appear to the masses that if you are willing to pay for cheats or 'enhancements' then EA is more than willing to provide them.
    Overall it appears that it has been over-egineered in one area and completely ignored in others.
    A massive disappointment in more ways than one. I will be trading in my copy asap.