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  1.  The best of Aronofsky's films by far.


    This is a film about a beauty and love which transcend time, congruity and understanding.

    If you enjoy an intelligence and beauty not touched upon in mainstream movies then this is film you must see. I would recommend for those who enjoy Pan's Labyrinth, Akira, Donnie Darko, Apocalypse Now, and other films, music, or books where brilliance is the crucial ingrediant, rather than sales or ease of understanding.

  2.  outstanding movie


    Albeit a much used theme in movies like 28 days later, this movie fully utilizes the sheer horror such a situation could create: bloody, brutal, and with an atmosphere and characters so real you can barely distinguish your reality from the film's by the end. A brilliant movie whether you're a fan of horror or not, you get a real rush from watching it and can't help screaming 'stamp on her head!' in total fear.

  3.  a (hopefully) unbiased review


    Not being an avid raving fanboy hopefully I can give a relatively unbiased opinion:
    I've played WoW, Guild Wars, Anarchy Online and a variety of MMORPGs. I bought this yesterday and playing just the first few levels up to 10 (which are almost always the worst) I've easily enjoyed this game most out of all the MMOs I've played. Also bear in mind this is a game only *just* released, MMOs add an awful lot more over time, so this is set to get even better.

    The game is, so far, entirely quest based with no or little grinding, a far higher proportion of your time in the game will be spent playing against other players in PVP and doing 'public quests' (where anyone can turn up and help out in one huge quest, the rewards are shared out based mostly on effort and in 'influence' which can earn you rewards) which I think is a great thing. Also I find the whole game a much slicker experience, with less wandering around lost, less time spent searching hopelessly for a party, being argued with by a kid.

    There are also several forms of 'experience' within the game, the standard type which raises your levels, but also the aforementioned 'influence' from public quests which allows you to raise stats, and 'renown' which allows you to purchase better items with your gold.

    The reason I've left the review at 4 stars is that whilst its the most fun I've had in an MMO I still don't feel it's a perfected experience: theres a slight lack of character differentiation especially at my current level, and *still* I am often stuck doing menial messengerboy tasks that all MMOs force upon you. This game doesn't redefine the genre into something amazing, but it works very well within its traditions.

  4.  Sheer pounding technical brilliance


    Probably my favourite Meshuggah album: nothing short of brilliant, nearly every track is a masterpeice of the supremely powerful pulsing grooves that if you love Meshuggah, you love them for. The band easily warrants its own genre of music.

  5.  A masterpiece


    Akira is a masterpiece of modern anime, a beautiful blossoming explosion of incredible concepts, music and art that sadly many will never experience merely because the film is an 'anime'. I think the movie is most enjoyable if you're willing to analyse it in an abstract way, many are put off by the (intentionally) confusing and open ending. If you're happy to thoroughly examine a film and the concepts within it, I can highly recommend Akira.