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  1.  Class


    What a fantastic Co op/Multiplayer game. This game is all about multiplayer folks at its best. The graphics are not great but this game is not about the graphics its all about the gameplay.

  2.  Great adventure


    I waited until this version came out before i bought fable 2. It was well worth waiting for with both add on packs included on the disk so no need to download. I completed the main story and all the side quests and have to say i really enjoyed the whole experence. Good level up system and amazing rich graphics. The main story was a bit on the short side but the side quests make up for it and keep you player for many more hours.

  3.  Epic


    Just finished the single player campaign and the game is good enough to buy just for that! I thought it was better than the campaign in the first BFBC because there is more sniper sceens. The multiplayer needs no introduction as it is a masterpiece with lots of maps great customize options and what seems to be a loyal and mature fan base online. Progress can also be checked on the BF website and with BF Vietnam just arrived Dice have created an epic gaming experence we done Dice.

  4.  Great graphics


    I am half way through this game and have to say that the graphics really are amazing and that for me so far is the high point of the game. The gameplay can be very fustrating with camera angles you cannot change that make it difficult somtimes to see what you are doing. The game is very long which is also good as you get good value for your money.

  5.  Good Stuff


    Really enjoyed the campaign on this COD. There were a few little extras not seen in previous campaigns like smimming under water and sky diving off a cliff into action. Zombie action is great either solo or online with friends or strangers. Multiplayer is solid with some nice new maps and killstreaks. There is also combat training that helps to improve your multiplayer online play. There has been a lot of talk compairing Treyarch's COD with Infinity ward's COD but i think they are both great development houses that have different things to offer and i am just glad and Privileged to be able to play both.

  6.  WOW


    This really is an amazing game and it has the gameplay of Half Life 2 with the atmosphere of Bioshock. I am about 9 hours into the game so far and do not want it to end!! Graphics are outstanding and i think that 4A have done a great job here well done 4A :)

  7.  WOW


    Waited a while before i bought this because i heard a lot of bad reviews but DAMmmmmm what a mistake. This game is unreal!! class graphics fantastic gameplay. both single player and multi :)

  8.  Great stuff


    Two brand new GTA stories on one disk for a fantastic price. If you like GTA then this is a must have. Graphics are fantastic along with the story and gameplay. I am about 4 hours into this and love it!!

  9.  5 Stars


    This is a classic game that you must buy if you own an Xbox 360. Graphics and gameplay are great and you can also now get it for a great price. It will keep you coming back for more and more. Can't wait to play GOW2!

  10.  The God of video games


    What more can you say about this game as it has now reached heights that the video game industry could only have dreamed of.
    Buy this game! You will not be disappointed.