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  1.  Absolutely mesmorising


    I am a fan of formula one but even if you are not a fan you will love this film. It is made using only footage from the career of Aryton Senna and shows the trials that he faced when trying to become a world class formula one driver. Also as it only uses real footage you get a real connection with the movie and also to Senna himself. The ending is very sad indeed and it is a very well made movie.

  2.  Truelly amazing movie!


    Over the years I have not been a fan of Planet of the Apes so when this movie came out I did not want to go with my partner to the cinema to see it. However, when I watched it for the first time I was completely hooked. It is how it all started so we can all go onto understand the other films a lot better. And also the special effects in the movie are just fantastic. Such a great movie and it is a must see!!!

  3.  Yet again equally entertaining!


    I dont know what it is about Lego but whatever they do with anything it is just sensational. This game is great as it really captures what happens in the four films and has a lot of characters to play with. From a younger child's point of view it really will keep them occupied and it also allows them to use their brain. And also the noise that Jack Sparrow makes is uncanny to the real character.

  4.  Great game but just a little too much talking!


    I really enjoy playing these games as they keep the old brain ticking over and they are very clever puzzles. However, I would say that between puzzles there is just a little too much chatter. It has taken me up to ten minutes to get to the next puzzle and I can never actually follow the case. Apart from that another fantastic game.

  5.  Gets a lot of negative reviews!


    This book has had a lot of criticism from various media sources for being inaccurate with regards to the fact. The point of the matter is that this book is aimed at children who are aged between 10-12 and it does what it aims to do! It simply alerts children all over the world about the horror of Auswitz and how awful it was. If you want to teach your child about the world in a simple but effective way, read them this book!

  6.  McGregor could of done so much better!


    I am a HUGE Ewan McGregor fan and I watched this film as I want to see every film that he has ever done! Sorry to say that I was sadly disappointed. Both Farrell's and Ewan's accents are terrible. I thought that the acting was pants but I might be surprised by the story line. It just did not have a flow. I felt that the movie took me to places that I should not have been at that particular moment. Despite being a Woody Allen film it was just terrible and I was really hoping to give it a good review!!!

  7.  Love story for people who dont like love stories!!!


    When my friend rang me to see if I wanted to go and see Moulin Rouge I was not at all keen as it just did not seem my kind of film at all. I was SSSOOO wrong. It was just incredible. Ewan McGregor can really sing as well (which does help when you are in a musical). Nicole Kidman was also great. There was just so much story. I loved the fact that they made modern songs sound so great. Ewan is also very gorgeous and I actually fell in love with him. great family film

  8.  good but just needed a little more


    I am a massive fan of Ewan MCGregor so I am biased and I believe that he was brilliant. It could have been a little funnier but it is funny in places. Spacey is great but isn't he always. Can't believe that this is a true story.

  9.  Sleepers


    This film is one of my all time favourite films and I can watch this film over and over again. The actors in this film are true greats and they all deserve credit. A must see film for anyone!!

  10.  Harry Potter step aside. There's a new guy in town!!!


    What can I say? Very rarely do I find a book that I can truelly get addicted to. I just didnt want it to stop. It is so beautifully written. Its a must have for anyone, not just hormonal teenagers. Thank you for bringing these books to us!! It has taken me only two weeks to read the first two books as I am now truelly in love with the series.