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  1.  Save the cheerleader, save the world.


    A brilliant series brought to you in beautiful HD. This first season and best IMO, is fantastic fun. The story is brilliant and its full of amazing and interesting characters, this is one of those programmes which keep you hooked and eager to watch the next episode as it escalates through the story.

    The show does a fantastic job of making you feel 5 years old again.

    Check it out :-)

  2.  It mu5t be mine!


    I have the region 3 dvd 2 disc directors cut of this film. It must be mine on blu ray. I hope it comes with some great features. So looking forward to this.

  3.  Its an old film but it looks great


    As the title says, its an old film. Consider that and watch the film in Blu ray, some of the scenes have been polished really well, especially details on the uniforms they're wearing which i have never picked up on in the past with DVD/VHS. Yes some scenes look a little pixelated but you can see with the big action sequences the colours are more vibrant and more defined.

    Some say there is no difference between this and the DVD version but i have to differ, i think this is the best we have seen Predator. If this is one of your favourite films and your a big fan of the franchise then go ahead and buy it.

  4.  Ok


    This poster is really great but the reason i only gave it 4 stars is because finding a frame to fit it has proved difficult. The only frame i could find even close to its size was about 2 inches too short.

  5.  Great 80's spy comedy classic


    I first watched this years ago near xmas time and i absolutely adored it, the two actors work extremely well together and the story is fantastic, if you grew up in the 80's and love sitting down to a good old fashioned pop corn movie then this is it! Buy it, now!

  6.  One of the best


    Without a doubt this is is one of the best zombie movies out there. The 1978 version is well overrated for what it is and this film is scary enough to want to hold a pillow in front of your face. Just the thought of a fast moving zombie chasing you down to tear you apart scares me more than one that will stumble after you.

    Buy this movie! You won't regret it!

  7.  Meh


    I was disappointed by this purchase, i thought the shock would be fairly powerful, all it does is make my thumb tingle.