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  1.  Little Fuss, Big Enjoyment


    If you own a PS3 console and have a soul (hopefully all of you do) then you enoucrage you to give one of the innovative games out there a go.

    Have you ever played a platform game and thougt to yourself that you love the opportunity to design your own level? Well here is your chance to show literally the world what you can do. The level creation editor knows no bounds, your best tool at your disposal is your imagination, let it run wild and provided it's not too crazy you'll have not only a great time creating a level but you will also gain the satisfaction of letting other people enjoy your creation as well.

    If designing levels isn't your cup of tea, then no bother just hit up with a group of friends or random people and hit any level that takes your fancy, they can be the official ones created by the developers which are story based or ones created by people around the globe, the choice is yours to make.

    The added bonus you get here over the original is the extra DLC they have chucked in, the Metal Gear DLC in particular is brilliant and you cant help but smile when you see your little sackboy donning the Solid Snake outfit.

    This game is quite frankly run by the community, the only time this game will cease to be is when the world runs out of ideas, which I dont think will happen for a very long time yet so if you're looking for some fun, look no further than LittleBigPlanet.

  2.  A Mighty And Magic Game (Sorry)


    Some might suggest that the DS already has a massive amount of RPG's and they would be correct in syaing that, however none of them have combined RPG elements with puzzle solving skills with ease until now.

    Clash of Heroes is a bridge that offers puzzle solvers a look into the depths of playing an RPG-esque game whether you tend to play Tetris or Professor Layton games, Clash of Heroes will capture your attention. It has a vibrant colour scheme and gameplay is simple to begin with but the tutorial will be at hand to guide you through the first steps.

    You can easily accumulate over 30 hours in to this game and for something to pick up and play on the go it will always satisfy you.

    Overall this is one of those games that has gone unnoticed by the masses but I would urge anyone who enjoys RPG games and Puzzle games to give this game a chance as it wont let you down and can become very addictive!

  3.  Legendary Effort


    Looking for a good strategy game?
    Look no more as The Eye Of Judgment brings a wealth of it to your PSP.

    The rules of the game is the first opponent to occupy 5 fields out of the 9 available, each field has a element tied to it being Wood,Earth,Water,Fire or Biolith (non element). The cards/monsters you use each have their own element too so for example if you put a fire monster on a fire element they will gain benefits from doing so, there is a whole range of attacks and unique skills for each monster which is where the strategy comes in to play. So if you chuck in over 300 cards in to the mix you can really create some unique decks.

    Now if you have previously played the original game on the PS3 the rules and everything will be the same, Sony have adjusted some of the cards to balance them but online play and the joy of playing this game without having to get the PSEye out and set it all up is a real advantage as its as simple as just turning on your PSP and playing.

    If you're new to this game then the rules are given in a handy and detailed tutorial at the start of the game which you can easily pick up the majority of the rules and get started.

    What really sets this game apart from the previous entry is the fact they have introduced a storyline to the series which was a real want from previous players and I'm glad Sony listened as it further tells the story of the creatures you play with.

    One last improvement is the cards you use are digital, in the previous game these were physical and actually cost you a fair bit of money to collect as the packs housed random cards, however this time you just simply collect them the more you play the game.

    Overall if you're looking for something different and a real challenge then Eye of Judgment Legends will be right up your street.

  4.  Eureka!


    It's been a rather long wait for next Ace Attorney chapter to arrive and I can easily say it's been worth the wait.

    You play as Miles Edgeworth, who if you have played the previous titles will know that he is a key character in the series. If you're a new to the franchise then I would suggest picking up the Phoenix Wright games beforehand as you will be able to understand more with this game, thats not to say you wouldn't enjoy playing this one first but with returning characters and how the whole game plays out would be more beneficial to do so.

    What sets this game apart from the previous titles is you play as an prosecutor as opposed to a defense attorney. What this means is rather than trying to defend your client you're out to prove that someone did it and collect evidence to prove that.

    The graphics of this game I feel are a lot sharper and the sprites look amazing on the DS. The music is very catching and addictive. The number one thing I love about this game however is the drama you get from it ranging from when you're battling to prove who commited a crime and trying to outsmart the people trying to pull the wool over your eyes.

    If you own the previous games I'd no doubt you will be buying this but if you're unsure I would definitely take the plunge with this game as you wont be disapointed. Long may the Ace Attorney series continue!

  5.  A Perfect Partner For Your PS3


    If like me you grew tired very quickly of having to control your music, blu-rays and photos via the PS3 controller - worry no more!

    This handy little control will make viewing movies a lot more comfortable and wont drain your game controllers battery which means you get to play on them more.

    The one downside to this remote however is there is no volume control which means you have to use two controllers. Not a deal breaker by any means but it would of been a nice control to have.

    Still, it's a fantastic remote control for everything you do non-gaming on your PS3.

  6.  Dragon Praise!


    Having just completed this game now (clocking in over 100+ hours to do so) I was left still wanting more from this fantastic title.

    Bioware's first venture on to the PS3 has been a very welcomed one. While there isn't a shortage of RPG's based in the fantasy realm none really made me feel engrossed in it until now.

    The characters you work along with are a real mixed bag of people, ranging from a power driven witch to a religious believing lady who loves violence. As you can see you will get a real mixed bag of people to saddle up with.

    The gameplay is great and very tactical, however the console version of this game comes up short as you are only limited to 6 shortcuts to spells which really slowed and made the fighting rather tedious in some places. If you wished to use a different spell or perk you would have to resort to pausing the game and then selecting it from a a round table. If you have played Mass Effect on the Xbox 360 then it's very similar here.

    Another thing to pull this game down from being a 5 star is the mass amouts of loading. You will need to wait around 2-3 minutes to login to play the game a further minute to load up your save file and then if you walk in to a hut or a different zone another loading screen will welcome you. It never really bothered me to begin with but after a while you cant help but sigh when that loading screen pops up again.

    The majoirty of the missions were very well laid out and a lot of exploration was needed to cover them, the main storyline quests were a particular highlight where in some places had me really torn on what outcome I would of liked.

    Overall this game crams in a tonne of gameplay for you to enjoy but sadly this game was built for the PC in mind which is why I cannot give this game the top marks as you have to always resort to messing about in menus for some spells which really yanks you out of the flow of gameplay.

    However, this game is a top notch RPG and with plenty of DLC now and in the future you can bet there will be even more action and adventure in the fields of Ferelden!

  7.  Protect The Light, Condemn The Dark!


    If you're a fan of SRPG games (like me), then you will instantly enjoy this game.

    Firsty the graphics are actually nice when you consider that they are on a DS, The introduction, while being typically Japanese is really nice.

    Voices are present in this game as well, not in every scene however but they are included in the most important ones throughout the game which is fine in my books. Also the dub voices are actually not that bad in this game.

    The actual gameplay mechanic is fluid with you commanding your army of people to achieve certain objectives outlined to you. There are plenty of characters to select from albiet not from the very start but once you begin progressing through the story then more characters will join you on your quest.

    As with most RPG's you need a good story to carry the game along and while Luminous Arc is a little cliched, I actually found myself really liking the actual story line and as such kept playing this game until I completed it. The way the story is told through character conversations is the best the DS is really going to get but I felt Luminous Arc did a great job of explaining the story to me.

    Overall if you're looking for a great RPG/SRPG game on a handheld then Luminous Arc whilst not the best on offer is certainly a very stellar game and I would easily recomend getting this game if you own the console. Plus there is a sequel already on the way which I will look forward to playing on as well!

  8.  A Tales Game To Remember


    Considering we dont receive many Tales games in Europe it's nice to see Tales Of Vesperia has finally arrived.

    As far as this generation goes many of the JRPG's have received lackluster reviews from the masses but Tales Of Vesperia thankfully breaks that and actually turns out to be one of the greatest RPG's to have been released from Japan.

    The characters are all very unique and very likeable. This is aided by the often quirky skits where the characters will fill in the mini blanks in the story. All of which are fully voiced which is a first for the Tales franchise.

    The story is very well played out and keeps you very interested throughout your adventure, as with all Tales games there is tons of side quests to complete while you play but just focusing on the story alone will rake in around 40-50 hours of gameplay with the option to start again with certain things carried over it gives Vesperia a whole new wave of completing.

    Graphics are really sharp and each character is drawn out very nicely and clearly. The voice overs for this game are actually really good so dont be put off by other JRPG's which often hire very weird voice actors to fill out the roles of characters.

    As a fan of the Tales games Vesperia is without a doubt of the best ones alongside Symphonia and Abyss. If you own a Xbox 360 and are in need of a great JRPG you wont find one better than Tales Of Vesperia.

  9.  Best Bluetooth Device For The PS3


    As you would expect from Sony the build quality of this device is superb. I have had mine for almost 4 months and have heard everyones voice through it crisp and clear.

    The charging dock is nimble and tucks nicely away when you dont need it and is easily plugged in to your PS3 for when the need arises to charge it. The actual charge time as well is really short which is handy as you can leave it to charge while you play a game that doesn't require the headset.

    If you were like me and was wondering what headset you should get for your PS3 this device is leaps and bounds above the rest in my opinion.

  10.  Smash And Bash Your Way To Freedom!


    Having played the demo of this game it has really has caught my attention.

    Pretty much everything in the world can be destroyed which is rather refreshing as many games carry the invisible wall syndrome! The map shown in the demo is massive, it honestly will take you by suprise when you see it for yourself.

    Graphics are not really breath taking however they do hold up enough to merit a progression from the PS2 era of graphics. After awhile though you forget about the graphics and get pulled in to how much fun you can extract from this game. You can grab any vehicle and take it for a spin, smash through any building you want, you can pretty much take on anything you see in this game and most of the time come out on top!

    I've not really been an admirer of THQ's work but this game has put them on my radar and I look forward to the full game release and to wreck havoc upon all that oppose!